DoubleVerify Granted New Patent for Online Ad Verification Technology

NEW YORK – DoubleVerify, the technology leader in providing transparency and accountability in digital advertising, today announced that the company was granted a new patent for its unique dual-verification technology that correctly authenticates the quality and effectiveness of a digital ad impression, both before and after an ad is served.  The patented DV dual-verification method combines data collected from web crawlers together with data from embedded pixels within an ad creative to produce the most accurate view of an online ad placement. By leveraging dual sources of data, DV is able to deliver the industry’s highest ‘see through rate,’ which accurately determines the true source of a page URL.

“The only way to gain maximum transparency and ensure your online campaign is delivered as planned is to execute a combined pixel and crawler approach,” says Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify. “Dual verification allows DV to accurately evaluate impression quality in ways that are not possible with a single measurement technique. No other method is accurate enough for the complexity of digital media today.”

The new patent certifies the unique process and methodology that powers DV Impression Quality solutions for many of the largest brand advertisers online today. DV Impression Quality solutions maximize performance across five critical dimensions – ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, ad prominence and impression delivery.

About the Patent

DV was granted U.S. patent number 20110125587 under the patent name Automated Monitoring and Verification of Internet Based Advertising. Dual-verification is the only methodology in market that enables a comprehensive and precise view of impression quality measures for both buyers and sellers by providing information on the page itself (actual landing page URL, length of pages, last modified date), how the ad was delivered to the page (ad server daisy chain, ad network associated with the page, cookie information on how the ad was served) and what happened when the ad was on that page (below the fold, competitive collision, frequency, multiple ads, missing geo targeting, ad clutter, some types of ad fraud, ad hijacking).

DoubleVerify launched the first dual-verification brand safety solution in 2008.

About DoubleVerify                                                                     

DV is the proven market innovator with the technology and insights that assure brand performance and effectiveness for the world’s largest advertisers online. DV solutions create value for media buyers and sellers by bringing transparency and accountability to the market, ensuring ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, accurate impression delivery and audience quality across campaigns to drive performance.  Since 2008, DV has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies gain the most value out of their media spend by delivering best in class solutions across the digital ecosystem that help build a better industry. Learn more at