ClickTale Launches Customer-Experience Consulting (CXC) Services to Help Companies Maximize Web and Mobile Results

TEL AVIV, Israel – ClickTale, the leader in Digital Behavior Management™, launched Customer-Experience Consulting (CXC) Services, a new offering that provides market leading advice and insights to help companies maximize the ROI of their online and mobile Internet properties. The ClickTale CXC team of seasoned experts works proactively with companies to develop goals, identify the most relevant metrics, explore visitor behavior, and recommend actionable steps that optimize website usability and conversion rates.

“ClickTale’s CXC services have provided us with valuable, actionable insight on the user data uncovered by the ClickTale Core solution”

“ClickTale’s CXC services have provided us with valuable, actionable insight on the user data uncovered by the ClickTale Core solution,” said JR Howden, Head of Digital Analytics CoE at TELUS. “We now have a much better understanding of why our online customers behave the way they do, as well as how we can leverage this knowledge to improve the user experience and increase conversions.”

ClickTale CXC works with each client to identify strategic goals and develop a detailed action plan with specific steps for achieving their goals using proprietary methodologies. Its consulting packages comprise the following components:

  • Strategic Alignment – Defining the company’s KPIs, business goals and metrics
  • User-Experience Analysis – Lining up ClickTale CXC’s benchmark findings alongside company KPIs
  • Integrations with the Ecosystem – Using measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Voice of Customer and Adobe Analytics to meet baseline KPIs
  • Customer-Journey Mapping – Plotting diagram showing users’ interaction with website and the gap with KPIs
  • Recommendations Plan – Developing a set of recommendations to improve website conversion and customer experience, based on our Consumer Behavior Psychologist’s unique analysis of visitor psychology, behavior and decision making processes
  • Training – Providing onsite/offsite training and workshops, available in several languages
  • Support – Continually providing expert insight and feedback, along with technical and project management support as needed

“Our new sector-based consulting solutions are designed to help companies get the most value possible out of their online strategies,” said Oded Leiba, VP Client Services at ClickTale. “Our CXC experts possess the industry-specific knowledge and customer behavior and psychology insights necessary to help our clients achieve their online goals.”

About ClickTale

ClickTale®, the leader in Digital Behavior ManagementTM, creates innovative products and services that empower online and mobile business success. By understanding consumers’ behavior and psychology, ClickTale enables businesses to achieve their online goals, improve usability, and dramatically increase conversion rates. ClickTale’s SaaS products deliver actionable insights through powerful visualizations of in-page behavior, including playable videos of consumers’ browsing sessions and multi-layered heatmaps. Serving over 100,000 customers worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies, ClickTale is transforming the Web into experiences that are enjoyable for consumers and more lucrative for businesses. For more information, visit