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3SCALE Integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Provide Fastest, Easiest Way to Operate API Proxies in the Cloud

3SCALE Integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Provide Fastest, Easiest Way to Operate API Proxies in the Cloud

Flexible, High Performance, Zero Latency, Free Solution
Helps Enable Mass Market For APIs
San Francisco, CA – To help ease the process of launching and operating an API, 3SCALE today announced the launch of the “3SCALE AWS API Proxy,” for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This solution is the industry’s fastest and easiest way to protect APIs with an API proxy and provides a ready-to-use API gateway to integrate with 3SCALE’s industry leading API management platform solution. This integration is one more step toward the company’s mission of enabling a mass market for APIs. You can the 3SCALE AWS API Proxy here https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00IIXFE5M/ref=_ptnr_pr_aws
This new integration offering allows companies to skip steps typically required to operate an API Proxy, making it as close as possible to a zero configuration process for launching an API in the cloud. Users will only be required to introduce their API details in the 3SCALE platform and it will automatically generate the necessary configuration for the APIs in AWS.
The ability of API owners to launch an API proxy in the cloud and connect it with 3SCALE’s API management platform, delivers all of the features required for powerful API management including: rate limits, statistics, monitoring and analytics, dynamic documentation, a developer portal, and pricing. The 3SCALE AWS API Proxy solution, which is available worldwide and at no cost, delivers a flexible and high performance cloud solution with zero latency.
“As APIs become more common, customers need easier and faster ways of bringing them to market and engage with their audiences,” said Steve Willmott, CEO of 3SCALE’.  “The introduction of the 3SCALE AWS API Proxy provides a seamless way to get the power of 3SCALE’s infrastructure for cloud-based APIs, as well as the easiest way to integrate with it – all while taking full advantage of the latest technologies for API management. This will help bring APIs to an even broader audience and expand their impact, accelerating the API Economy.”
The 3SCALE AWS API Proxy is a perfect solution for companies that already have their infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, as they can expect no network latency and full security protection with the solution. In addition, APIs that are hosted anywhere can also take advantage of 3scale’s offering and utilize AWS as an independent proxy for their own hosted infrastructure.
About 3SCALE
3SCALE provides a comprehensive API infrastructure that helps both API providers to easily package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs and users of APIs to interact with them in an easy way. 3SCALE’s API Provider SaaS infrastructure is flexible, secure and web scalable, and enables the distribution of a company’s data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/web applications, as well as the ability to easily productize APIs. Since 2009, more than 100,000 developers are consuming more than 300 APIs exposed using 3SCALE. Customers span the Fortune 500, government, academia, and startups including Johnson Controls, SITA, Transport For London (TFL), UC Berkeley, Skype, Wine.com among others. For more information visit www.3scale.net