Bizo Ushers in Next Wave of Marketing Automation with Multi-Channel Nurturing

Industry-first solution enables all B2B marketers to systematically nurture audiences through targeted display and social advertising

San Francisco, Calif. – Bizo, the global leader in business audience marketing, today introduced an industry-first solution that defines a new era of marketing automation that goes beyond the email inbox.  Marketers can now scale the power of marketing automation and programmatic nurturing to their anonymous website visitors that have not yet provided an email address. Bizo’s patent pending Multi-Channel Nurturing solution enables all B2B marketers to create sophisticated nurture programs utilizing online display and social ads to intelligently engage known prospects, convert anonymous website visitors, and ultimately increase lead velocity.

On average, less than five percent of website visitors submit their email address (SiriusDecisions Benchmark 2013).  This translates to enormous inefficiencies in program spend designed to drive and convert website traffic, but presents marketers with a significant optimization opportunity.

“With Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing, we’re able to extend the power of marketing automation nurturing beyond the inbox to the huge pool of unknown visitors coming to our website every day,” said Meagen Eisenberg, vice president of demand generation at DocuSign. “Bizo’s precise business demographic data combined with customized nurture paths allows us to serve sequenced display and social ads to only our most high-value, anonymous prospect segments – all of which helps us increase lead volume and optimize lead quality from the moment a person first becomes interested in our brand.”

Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing is the latest addition to the Bizo Marketing Platform. Bizo introduced its first release of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing in October 2013, which specifically allowed joint Bizo and Eloqua users to layer display and social advertising into their existing email nurture programs in Eloqua. The latest release of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing now allows any B2B marketing organization, whether or not they are currently using a marketing automation platform, to methodically nurture audiences with targeted display and social ads through the Bizo Marketing Platform.

All B2B marketers can now use Bizo to:

  • Systematically engage anonymous and known prospect audiences with relevant ads across premium business websites, ad exchanges, and Facebook
  • Create multiple nurture paths that sequence targeted ad creative and content based on both the business demographic profile and onsite behavior of web visitors
  • Optimize lead quality and program ROI by nurturing only those prospects belonging to the most highly desired audience segments
  • Apply platform-supported A/B testing to optimize ad creative, messaging, and nurture paths
  • Measure the impact of Bizo nurture programs through out-of-the-box, full-funnel reporting

“There’s not a single B2B marketer out there who hasn’t seen the value of email nurturing when it comes to nudging prospects toward a buying decision,” said Christina Lyle, demand generation and marketing operations manager, Sauce Labs. “What’s most exciting about the latest release of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing is that it now brings the value of traditional lead nurturing to the entire web through targeted display and social advertising, offering incredible opportunity to all B2B marketers seeking to increase their sales pipeline contributions.”

“With the B2B buying cycle 90 percent over by the time a sales person is contacted, the onus lies on marketing to educate buyers throughout that entire journey – making automation absolutely critical,” said Chris Mann, vice president of product management, Bizo. “Of course email nurturing is a powerful tool to address this problem, but it’s limited since marketers only have emails for a small percentage of their target audience. With Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing, we’re extending the important nurturing effort to display and social advertising to give marketers the ability to run programs that are always on, and help CMOs maximize their resources and create better efficiency.”

Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing is the latest addition to the Bizo Marketing Platform which provides a comprehensive suite of B2B multi-channel solutions and supports a “full-funnel” approach to marketing. With Bizo, brands can build top-funnel awareness with target audiences at scale; engage and nurture anonymous prospects mid-funnel across multiple channels including social media, website, and the entire business Web; and drive more bottom-funnel conversions through a range of retargeting and multi-channel nurturing strategies.

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About Bizo

B2B marketers use the Bizo Marketing Platform to reach their target prospects online and shape purchase decisions. Bizo’s data management and targeting technology, fueled by a proprietary audience of more than 90% of the U.S. business population, enables precise and measurable B2B multi-channel marketing programs. The company has earned the confidence of SMB marketers and large global brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use the platform to reach over 120 million business professionals from around the world to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnel. For more information on Bizo, or for a free look at the business demographics of your website audience, visit