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BrightRoll Introduces Independent Video Ad Viewability Measurement on its Platform

BrightRoll Introduces Independent Video Ad Viewability Measurement on its Platform

Partnership with Moat delivers free, independent, MRC-accredited viewability measurement and reporting to all BrightRoll clients

SAN FRANCISCO – BrightRoll, the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform, today announced it will be making third-party viewability measurement and reporting available on the BrightRoll console to help customers plan, manage and optimize their video ad campaigns at no additional cost.

BrightRoll is partnering with independent measurement companies that align with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council’s (MRC) new video viewability guidelines to bring unbiased, accredited reporting to the industry. Moat is the first video viewability solution to be fully integrated into the BrightRoll platform to provide reporting and measurement for campaigns and give advertisers increased confidence their ads can be seen by their target audience.

“We are the only platform to provide advertisers independent measurement at no cost, and to us, this is common sense. Advertisers should not have to pay to ensure the ads they are buying are delivered in view,” said Tim Avila, SVP of Marketing Operations, BrightRoll. “Today’s announcement and our partnership with Moat are examples of BrightRoll’s industry leadership around transparency and trust.”

BrightRoll will integrate viewability metrics from Moat throughout its platform, including targeting, measurement, optimization and reporting features, allowing console buyers to leverage the power of credible, third-party Moat data at every stage of the campaign lifecycle.

“As programmatic video advertising solutions are increasingly adopted throughout the industry, it is crucial that there are trusted methods in place for detecting that ads paid for are, in fact, seen,” said Jonah Goodhart, CEO, Moat. “BrightRoll is dedicated to empowering its customers with transparent viewability metrics, and Moat is thrilled to partner with the leading video advertising platform to bring our best-in-class viewability measurement to the market.”

This announcement is the latest in BrightRoll’s commitment to making digital video advertising measurement accurate and more effective. In November, IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) were integrated onto the BrightRoll console to enable video buyers to identify and target inventory across an assortment of key ad specifications, ensuring advertiser confidence with the highest standards in quality, safety and transparency. Additionally, BrightRoll spearheaded the founding of the OpenVV consortium in 2013, the industry’s open source technology for viewability measurement in alignment with the IAB/MRC guidelines.

BrightRoll will share key research and insights on the topic of video ad viewability in a panel with Moat and Kellogg Company at the BrightRoll Video Summit in New York on April 23, 2014. To register for the event, visit: brightrollvideosummit.com/register.html.

Whitepaper: Kellogg & BrightRoll: Video Ad Viewability

About BrightRoll

BrightRoll is the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform for reaching audiences across web, mobile and connected TV. The company powers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands, including 85 of the top 100 US advertisers and 18 of the top 20 advertising technology companies. The platform enables advertisers to reach 4 in 5 video viewers online and consistently ranks among the top two video ad platforms in ads served. As a result, BrightRoll technology collects and analyzes hundreds of billions of data points monthly enabling real-time decisions that drive ROI for advertisers. To learn more, visit www.brightroll.com.