Wingify Data Shows Brands and Publishers Are Increasing Their Use of A/B Website Testing to Maximize Business Outcomes

Website Testing and Optimization Trends in Q1 2014 Point to Increased Adoption, New Subset of “Power Testers”

Wingify Achieves 100 Percent Revenue Growth Year-Over-Year ($7 Million USD)

New Delhi, India – Wingify, a pioneer in website testing and developer of Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), a leading A/B website testing solution used by thousands of marketers worldwide, today announced that increasing use of A/B testing by “Power Testers” is driving revenue growth for the company. Wingify has experienced 100 percent growth year-over-year, resulting in $7 million USD run rate.

Key among the findings from activity across VWO’s offering, is the dramatic growth and frequency of A/B website tests by brands and publishers across eCommerce sites, agencies, media/publishing, content marketers and technology vendors. “Power Testers” typically launch multiple tests every month, with more than 30 percent focusing on call to action buttons, followed by headlines (20 percent), layout (10 percent), and website copy (8 percent). In addition, 60 percent of VWO users were able to setup a test in less than two hours and 40 percent were able to do it within 1 hour, for a process that often takes days-to-weeks with other providers.

Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage launched as many as 600 test campaigns in Q1 2014—a figure that supports the emergence of “Power Testers” across all verticals.

“VWO’s usage numbers are a major milestone and one that allows us a closer look at how brands interact with A/B testing,” said Paras Chopra, CEO at Wingify. “Website testing is one of the most powerful weapons in the brand marketer’s arsenal. In fact, we have witnessed an emerging subset of users across all verticals that rely on website testing hundreds of times each month. All of these users receive a better understanding of how consumers engage on the web, which translates into higher conversion rates and, ultimately, a competitive advantage. We frequently hear from our customers that they prefer VWO over their Web Analytics tools, due to the power and convenience of our platform when running multiple tests for what does and does not work on their website.”

VWO is an extremely popular and intuitive A/B testing solution that more than 3,600 brands in 75 countries, who have run 300,000 tests and processed over 1.5 billion campaign visitors since its inception. With the solution, marketers can better understand website traffic flow and quickly optimize the elements that impact their bottom lines—without the need for HTML or coding knowledge. VWO features a point-and-click interface that eliminates the need for IT resources and training.

Other findings from VWO’s analysis of thousands of A/B tests include:

•One in seven A/B test campaigns produce a statistically significant improvement
•On an average, “Power Testers” conduct 8 times the number of tests run by other users
•The top customer verticals for testing include eCommerce (40 percent) and agency/digital marketing consultants (25 percent)
•When a test produces significant improvement, the average amount of increase in conversion rate is 49 percent
•Average revenue per unique visitor for ecommerce firms is about $3 (USD), and a successful A/B test typically increases it up to 50 percent
•A typical A/B test runs for more than one week, but not more than two months

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