BrightRoll Introduces Mobile Audience Targeting with BlueKai

Additional third-party mobile data partners will soon be integrated into the BrightRoll programmatic video advertising platform to help advertisers reach targeted audiences at scale


San Francisco and New York – BrightRoll, the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform, today announced the availability of advanced mobile audience targeting on the BrightRoll platform. BlueKai is the initial third-party mobile data partner to be integrated into the BrightRoll console and more partners will be announced in the coming months.

Adding to the diverse suite of audience targeting capabilities on the BrightRoll platform, the new mobile audience targeting solution empowers BrightRoll customers to target the most relevant audiences for their campaigns on both desktop and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. By allowing advertisers to select audience targeting parameters by device, BrightRoll has integrated audience targeting solutions to help advertisers reach highly relevant, in-market consumers, regardless of device type.

“BrightRoll is committed to continually advancing our leading-edge programmatic video advertising platform to meet the needs of the world’s largest brands and advertisers, and mobile is clearly the fastest-growing segment of video advertising,” said Christopher Amen-Kroeger, SVP of engineering, BrightRoll. “With new mobile audience targeting capabilities built into the BrightRoll platform, advertisers can now reach relevant audiences at scale on both desktop and mobile devices – managing multiple campaigns, optimizing creatives on the fly, and measuring campaign impact from one unified, programmatic platform.”

Mobile data insights from BlueKai

BlueKai is the first mobile data partner to be integrated into the BrightRoll platform for mobile audience targeting, giving BrightRoll customers access to a marketplace of 70 million unique mobile users (iOS and Android) and more than 20,000 data categories. Data from BlueKai, as well as all future mobile targeting partners, will be seamlessly integrated into the BrightRoll platform via the company’s API, resulting in segment data that is constantly refreshed to provide broad reach at scale.

“We’re thrilled to partner with BrightRoll to bring mobile targeting to their large base of advertising customers,” said Jeff Frantz, Vice President of mobile, BlueKai. “With easy access to BlueKai’s trusted, massive-scale audience data, advertisers using the BrightRoll platform will now be able to easily target and optimize their video campaigns on both desktop and mobile.”

Benefits to advertisers

As consumers shift their video viewing habits to the “small screen,” brands are racing to reach those mobile audiences with relevant, targeted video advertising. In 2013, advertisers increased spending on mobile video advertising by 167 percent, according to eMarketer, and will further increase spending by 81 percent more in 2014. With such a large investment in mobile video, advertisers must deploy the most advanced campaign targeting tools to maximize campaign ROI.

The new mobile audience targeting solution from BrightRoll delivers optimal performance to advertisers looking to reach targeted audiences on mobile at scale. Because mobile audience targeting is fully integrated into the company’s programmatic buying console, it is easy to use and delivers campaign-wide efficiencies. Advertisers can now manage their desktop and mobile video campaigns in one place, getting access to the BrightRoll platform’s unprecedented scale that reaches 4 out of 5 video viewers; the industry’s most sophisticated programmatic technology; and cutting-edge cross-campaign analytics.

Key benefits of the BrightRoll mobile audience targeting solution include:

●      Multiplatform mobile audience targeting. The BrightRoll platform enables advertisers to reach smartphone and tablet users on both iOS and Android, so messages are always delivered to the right audiences, regardless of device.

●      Improved targeting efficiency. BrightRoll gives advertisers the ability to customize which audiences see which ads on which device (mobile or desktop), from one unified programmatic platform. This ensures all campaigns have access to the most effective audience targeting solution to meet specific KPIs.

●      Trusted, brand-name data. BrightRoll’s first mobile data partner, BlueKai, is a trusted source of highly-accurate, trusted, privacy-protected audience data. All of the company’s future partners will meet the same high standards.

●      Fresh data with broad reach. Mobile audience targeting partners are integrated into the BrightRoll platform via a server-to-server, API connection. Segment data is constantly refreshed so advertisers get access to fresh data with broad audience reach at all times.

●      Privacy-protected, opt-out solution. BrightRoll is committed to consumer privacy and all of its mobile data partners must adhere to strict opt-out privacy guidelines administered by TRUSTe.

Today, BrightRoll introduced mobile audience targeting at the BrightRoll Video Summit, which brings together more than 500 industry experts from across the digital advertising ecosystem to discuss the latest trends and technologies driving growth in ad spend and ROI. Mobile audience targeting will be available to all customers on the BrightRoll platform, with access to mobile data insights from BlueKai’s mobile data management platform (mDMP) by end of Q2.