Pulpo Media Launches Pioneering Acculturation Model

That Helps Brands Reach The Most Influential (i)Hispanic Audience Segments

#1 Online Hispanic Media Company Gives Marketers

First Comprehensive Analysis of (i)Hispanic Digital Audience

SILICON VALLEY, CA – Pulpo Media, the nation’s leading cross-platform digital media network reaching Hispanics across all acculturation levels and digital devices, today launches the “(i)Hispanic* Acculturation Model.” The Model will enlighten and enrich marketers interested in the ever-expanding (i)Hispanic market by providing deeper, actionable consumer insights and more efficient targeting segmentation.

The (i)Hispanic Acculturation Model aggregates robust off-line market data, such as 2012 U.S. Census and the annual American Community Survey, and combines them with terabytes of proprietary first and third-party (i)Hispanic data including key criteria such as: nativity; parent’s nativity; age of immigration; years in the U.S.; household language; and, English proficiency. The result is a deeply informed and easier process for brands and agencies to target valuable, previously misunderstood, segments of the (i)Hispanic market across the U.S., down to the zip code level.

The Model reveals new information on elusive but influential (i)Hispanic segments, such as the 1.5-generation, a critical part of the market that has lacked authentic recognition in previous data sets. These are Hispanics who technically are first generation, or foreign-born, but in the case of the 1.5, they immigrated as children, at the age of 10 years or younger. Their primary education takes or took place in the U.S. More often than not, this group behaves similarly to the second-generation or U.S-born Hispanic. The 1.5 isn’t a new segment but it has been lost and unaccounted for in many data models; yet they represent approximately 35% of the first-generation immigrant populace.

“Deeply discerning Hispanic acculturation levels is critical to developing effective media plans that deliver greater engagement and brand affinity,” says Justin Kuykendall, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Pulpo Media. “Our Acculturation Model was developed to deliver the unparalleled, actionable consumer insights that online Hispanic marketers have sought for years.”

The Model also provides a more holistic view of the whole dynamic (i)Hispanic market, and better-defined acculturation segments informed by multi-dimensional data and key acculturation benchmarks. For example, if brands only look at nativity alone, or assume that if you are foreign-born you are an immigrant and Spanish-language dominant; or if you are U.S. born you are English-language dominant and technically part of the ‘general market.’ they would err significantly in ways that the new (i)Hispanic Acculturation Model can resolve.

The (i)Hispanic Acculturation Model uses predictive modeling in combination with Pulpo Media’s proprietary algorithm to assign acculturation values to individual (not household) record levels of (i)Hispanics, for greater specificity. The Model will be incorporated into Pulpo’s new Ocean Platform and Planner Product, scheduled for release this summer. Pulpo will use the new Model to help advertisers build more efficient and effective digital media plans that target (i)Hispanics across acculturation levels, including (i)Hispanic influencers. The end result will be a greater ROI from the total Hispanic market. Marketers interested in directly accessing The Model’s data for research and educational purposes can do so via the Planner Lite product for a limited time.

Understanding numerous factors and detailed information about U.S. Hispanics, at an individual (and household) level, is crucial to better reaching and touching them via marketing campaigns. Our team spends so much time developing a deep understanding of the Hispanic audience. It is then so important to be able to activate in the digital space on these insights as this is not a homogenous group, nor is it a replica of the offline Hispanic market,” says Marla Skiko, Executive Vice President, Director Digital Innovation at SMG Multicultural. “Discerning detailed characteristics such as individual generational status, language preferences, proportion of life in the U.S., and online behavior are key to marketing effectively to the Hispanic market.”

By 2042, multicultural America becomes the majority. This sea change in American demographics has been greatly informed by the rise of the Hispanic population, which has increased six-fold since 1970. Today, the Hispanic market represents 17% of the U.S. population (53 million people); Hispanic Internet penetration is currently at 78%.

To secure a copy of the (i)Hispanic Acculturation White Paper, or Webinar information or to Sign Up for limited use of the Planner Lite product, sign up here: http://plan.pulpomedia.com/acculturation/

Pulpo Media (www.pulpomedia.com) is the first holistic ad network that reaches online Hispanics—(i)Hispanics—across all acculturation levels and digital devices. It employs world class proprietary technology and combines its top ranked media offering with hyper-relevant segmentation, authentic (1:1) messaging, and in-depth analytics to drive brand engagement and campaign ROI among the influential (i)Hispanic. Pulpo Media empowers advertisers to more efficiently and effectively secure mind and market share gains across the total Hispanic market.

Pulpo Media is ranked by comScore Media Metrix as #1 in Hispanic reach based on its Hispanic Ad Focus (#1 with Spanish Dominant, Bilingual, and English dominant Hispanics, respectively). Pulpo Media is also #1 in comScore’s new Bicultural Audience Network category.

Pulpo Media is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. and has satellite offices in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

* (i)Hispanic: the online Hispanic population of approximately (+41 million) consisting of 90% Internet penetration from English-dominant Hispanics,

82% from Bilingual Hispanics, and 63% from Spanish-dominant Hispanics.