Peer39 by Sizmek Launches Weather Targeting for Programmatic Buying

For the First Time, Advertisers Can Use Weather Data to Increase Ad Relevancy

London – Sizmek Inc. (SZMK), a global open ad management company that delivers multiscreen campaigns, announced today that Peer39, its suite of data solutions, has made available new weather targeting attributes for pre-bid buying platforms such as Appnexus. For the first time in the industry, advertisers, agencies and trading desks can target programmatic buys using a variety of pre-bid weather data attributes including temperature ranges, presence of various weather events, current conditions, flu severity and, soon, pollen counts.

“Given the effect weather has on consumers’ immediate plans and activity, as well as purchasing decisions, properly aligning ad creative to current weather conditions is an especially powerful and relevant way to target audiences,” says Alex  White, VP of Product Strategy at Sizmek.

Furthermore, being able to use weather to determine bid price, or to develop strategies for reporting and optimization is key for any advertiser, agency and trading desk that is looking to gain an edge over the competition.

Regardless of where a web user is viewing an ad, specific weather conditions exist. Trillions of impressions happen each year in digital advertising, and weather data is present for every single impression. Therefore, this set of Peer39 data has broad applicability across advertiser industries and campaign types.

Weather is highly localized, and easily layered with other types of targeting, including geography, demographic, interest, behavioral and content-based data. It also allows for a granular form of location-based targeting that does not require selection of specific regions/DMA’s.

The availability of this data represents Peer39‘s commitment to continue to bring relevant and needed non-cookie based data for the use of targeting, analytics and optimization to its customers in programmatic and other digital channels.

About Sizmek

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