ChoiceStream Releases cs.Console Tool for Added Campaign Transparency and Interactive Consumer Insights

Self-Service Dashboard Gives Clients Direct Access to Programmatic Campaign Performance in Real-Time

Boston, MA – ChoiceStream, a full-service programmatic media-buying partner, publicly announced the release of cs.Console, an interactive dashboard and analytics portal where brands and agencies can measure, track and report on in-flight campaigns. The cs.Console, unveiled Tuesday at VentureBeat’s GrowthBeat event, expands ChoiceStream’s platform by adding a self-service component. Clients can now log in to see the characteristics and geographies of consumers responding to ads.  The cs.Console establishes a new level of transparency to advertisers on programmatic media.

This launch comes at a time when marketers are expected more than ever to measure and interpret campaign data, and report on the business impact of their marketing efforts. eMarketer recently published research showing that 39 percent of marketers have issues with access to current and reliable data, and linked the marketing data and analytics to business outcomes.

The new cs.Console from ChoiceStream solves this problem with features that provide 24/7 access to campaign optimization, in-depth details on the best-performing audience segments, and engagement rankings across various designated market areas (DMAs). “It puts a human face on what is otherwise numbers,” explains Aidan Cardella, ChoiceStream’s VP of Product and Research.

Eric Bosco, the company’s CEO, adds, “Not only are our algorithms adapting to new variables in real-time, but our partners can as well. Our aim here is to share insights that our machine learning system picks up as campaigns progress.”

The added benefit with the cs.Console release is that clients will now have personal, real-time access to engage with the information as they wish, throughout the duration of a campaign’s flight. Clients who have received initial log-ins to the tool are impressed by its interface and insights.

“The cs.Console is very user-friendly and easy to navigate,”  said Iana Georgiev, Account Supervisor at AMP Agency. Iana uses the tool to monitor an ongoing programmatic campaign for a Boston-based national newspaper brand.

The user-friendly interface gives advertisers the immediate access they need to explore campaign data in greater depth – to better inform their strategy, creative development and media planning for all channels.

In addition to advanced audience insights, ChoiceStream also manages the planning, creative, and media-buying aspects of programmatic campaigns for its clients.

About ChoiceStream

ChoiceStream delivers top-of-plan results for online, video, and mobile advertisers. Unique real-time polling finds the ideal audience.  Real-time bidding and real-time machine learning optimize the buy, and real-time creative engages the audience with dynamic and relevant ads.  ChoiceStream’s concierge level services include creative development, campaign management, complete transparency, and custom insights.  Companies like Zappos, Dunkin’ Donuts, Macy’s and AAA use ChoiceStream to drive results.  For more information on ChoiceStream, please visit