Nexage Reports 227% Growth in Programmatic Spend

The Above-Market Growth Demonstrates That Premium Publishers, Media Buyers, Agencies and Advertisers Are Increasingly Building Their Mobile Programmatic Business on the Nexage Marketplace

BOSTON, MA – Nexage, the leading premium mobile advertising marketplace, announced that programmatic spend through the Nexage Marketplace grew 227 percent annually. The above-market growth affirms and animates the impact of three key trends:

  • The massive consumer shift to mobile
  • The rapid adoption of programmatic as the core trading model
  • The acceleration of brand spend in the premium segment as advertisers energize to reach and compel the mobile consumer via programmatic buying.

The above-market growth points to Nexage’s core strengths as well. Nexage serves the most sought after publishers in advertising, such as MLB, Rovio, Zynga, Univision, The Weather Company, Wenner Media, InterActiveCorp (IAC), Fox News, Gannett, Mail Online, CBS Local and Shazam. Publishers grew ad requests 192 percent annually. As importantly, publishers dramatically increased the proportion of high-value ad formats: video inventory grew 516 percent annually while commanding a 7-12x CPM premium; rich media grew 346 percent annually while commanding a 5-10x CPM premium.

Publishers are also taking advantage of the different programmatic markets available on the Nexage Marketplace, including programmatic direct markets and private exchanges. Publishers that have established private exchanges on the Nexage Marketplace have experienced 718 percent revenue growth thus far in 2014. This is due to both publishers’ high-preference to manage and control their mobile advertising business through Nexage Marketplace private exchange functionality and media buyers’ desire for first-look at high-value inventory.

The powerful publisher roster is attracting brand advertisers as they aggressively embrace mobile advertising, shift budgets to programmatic and show a high preference for the premium audience available on the Nexage Marketplace. Media buyers on the Nexage Marketplace grew ads delivered by 145 percent annually while increasing bid density, a measure of auction competition, 77 percent annually.

As a point of reference, a Fortune 500 CPG advertiser grew spend on the Nexage Marketplace 392 percent in Q2, showing the extraordinary performance of premium, location-enabled audience on the Nexage Marketplace to drive in-store purchases.

“We’re in the business of helping our advertisers find brand-safe and productive opportunities to reach audiences through mobile and cross-channel campaigns,” said Maureen Little, SVP of business and corporate development, Turn. “Nexage provides these marketers with access to premium mobile inventory, helping drive results by engaging audiences across all channels and devices.”

The results do not simply highlight above-market results; they show that publishers, agencies and advertisers are increasingly growing their business with Nexage.

“Premium publishers, agencies and advertisers are certainly rallying around mobile programmatic,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. “But mobile programmatic is not simply a broad trend, it is a strategy designed to drive their businesses forward; a strategy geared to get results. And results drive action. Premium publishers, agencies and advertisers are achieving superior results with Nexage and are continuing to build their business on the Nexage Marketplace.”

About Nexage
Nexage is the leading premium marketplace in mobile advertising, helping leading publishers and developers make money while enabling advertisers to reach audience at scale. The Nexage Marketplace delivers the full power of programmatic markets, enabling publishers and media buyers to trade via programmatic direct, private exchange, RTB and mediation. Nexage Connect delivers integrated first and third party data, including behavioral, contextual, enriched location, universal identifier, and privacy data to enhance targeting and retargeting. Nexage Protect delivers a suite of brand safety controls to advertisers and publishers. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and London. Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.