Havas and AOL Maximize Impact of TV Advertising Through the Power of Programmatic

Agency’s global trading desk Affiperf activates data and technology through AOL Platforms’ Adap.tv buyer platform to capture greater ROI.

PARIS, France and NEW YORK – AOL Platforms, a division of AOL, today announced an expansion of a technology partnership with Affiperf, Havas’ global trading desk for programmatic buying, to include television advertising.

The announcement was made at AOL’s second annual Programmatic Upfront where brands and agencies came together to discuss the power of one unified platform with data at its core, and the convergence of digital and linear TV.

“The old rules of media do not apply in a world that is increasingly becoming data-­driven; this is increasingly becoming the reality in TV, which commands close to $70 billion annually and is still relatively siloed within media plans,” said Dan Ackerman, Head of Programmatic TV at AOL Platforms. “Havas’ forward-­looking strategy of using technology to uncover new marketing opportunities across video channels, inclusive but not exclusive to TV, will deliver to their clients much greater value and impact on their investments. AOL Platforms, in concert with key clients such as Havas, will continue to build the technological backbone of converged media.”

Affiperf has adopted Adap.tv’s buyer platform to plan, buy, measure and optimize specific US television ad campaigns. This is an expansion of their existing use of the platform for digital video, allowing the agency to better unify their digital and TV efforts and drive much greater ROI for their world-­class brand advertiser clients.

Using technology that synthesizes and organizes data across a number of sources – including set-­top box data, as well as anonymized, PII-­compliant consumer purchase data – Affiperf has been able to take their TV investment decisions multiple layers deeper than just age and gender metrics.

“We have a conviction: What can be automated, will be automated. It’s just a matter of time and also measurement. So, we have made the choice to be bold, move fast and develop convergent strategies on every screen. AOL and Adapt.tv have been pioneering this vision with their ONE offering and we are proud to be the first group to leverage this innovative proposition with some key US clients.

“We need to keep improving the industry, and balance real-­time technologies with “right-­time” human decisions. Despite advancements we’ve made with programmatic over the past few years, private exchanges are still being used far too often as a means to automate remnant inventory within sites. As an industry, we can do much better,” said Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director Havas Media Group and Chairman of Havas Media Group France and Havas Media Group UK.

Havas and AOL have enjoyed a growing relationship in programmatic; most recently, Havas announced their commitment in June 2014 to ONE by AOL, which is being designed to be the first platform that empowers brands and agencies with a holistic view of the consumer’s journey through the marketing funnel, and makes that insight actionable, in real-­‐time on the platform. AOL Platforms’ technology for linear television will be integrated within the ONE platform.

AOL Platforms
AOL Platforms enables the world’s top marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TVs with impact through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance driven campaigns. It is the global partner of choice for leading publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their brands online.

For more information about ONE, please visit www.aolplatforms.com/one.

About Affiperf
Affiperf is a programmatic pure player. It is Havas’ global trading desk; allowing advertisers to take advantage of the unique opportunity that programmatic media buying creates. Affiperf offers a global/local solution by selecting and using the most appropriate and efficient technologies, data and media providers for each client in every market.

For more information about Affiperf, please visit www.affiperf.com.