Salesforce Brings MarketShare into ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Partner Community, Elevates Multi-Channel Attribution

LOS ANGELES – MarketShare announced that it has been selected into ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s partner community network, to provide advanced cross-channel planning and attribution solutions to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud customers.

“Together, Salesforce and MarketShare are bringing solutions to CMOs that better connect those digital marketing channels with sales and revenue growth.”

MarketShare’s technology will help companies apply multi-channel planning and attribution to their marketing and advertising efforts to better understand what’s working, what’s not, and the right amounts to invest to drive engagement, sales and revenue. The solution will unify data from across the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to provide true ROI and predictive planning capabilities across all marketing and sales channels.

“Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is a leading one-to-one digital marketing platform and we are excited to deliver best-of-breed planning and attribution technology to its clients,” said Jon Vein, Co-founder & CEO of MarketShare. “Our combined solution will empower ExactTarget Marketing Cloud clients to improve marketing allocation and attribution across all channels –online and offline, mobile and in-store – and to help automate campaign planning and course corrections.”

“The future of marketing is connecting with customers in entirely new ways through email, mobile, social, web and even connected products,” said Woodson Martin, chief marketing officer, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. “Together, Salesforce and MarketShare are bringing solutions to CMOs that better connect those digital marketing channels with sales and revenue growth.”

As digital channels grow in importance and complexity, marketers need more sophisticated and powerful solutions to identify the most effective channels and content, make campaign course corrections “in-flight” and decipher sometimes conflicting performance reports. MarketShare’s solution, offered through ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, will improve marketing performance and increase sales with email, social and digital media analytics.

“MarketShare’s planning and attribution technology is, hands down, best-in-class,” added Bryan Wade, chief product officer, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. “It gives marketers a clear understanding of what factors are contributing to success, and which combinations of touch points best deliver revenue. Through our partnership with MarketShare, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud clients will be able to achieve more informed and effective 1:1 marketing than ever before.”

The solution will fill a need for more powerful planning and attribution that includes both online and offline factors, has the ability to measure cross-media impacts and long term consequences, integrate market- and user-level analytics, and can greatly improve overall marketing ROI.

Product Key Benefits

  • Improved measurement of the incremental impact of digital channels and tactics
  • Automated campaign planning and mid-campaign course corrections
  • Greater synchronization between digital and offline media measurement and planning
  • Single source of truth for marketing performance
  • Technology that scales for multi brand and global deployments

Sample Insights and Recommendations

  • Understand the potential impact of changes in email, social, display, and online video on financial results, including in-store sales driven by digital marketing
  • Identify the impact of traditional and online media on social performance
  • Understand the amplification effects of earned media
  • Invest the right amount, by media, in advertising to drive social media engagement
  • Allocate the appropriate spend to advertising on various digital channels
  • Optimize campaigns

Offering Timeline

The solution will be available to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud customers in early 2015.

About MarketShare

MarketShare helps marketers grow revenue. We enable large companies to measure, predict and dramatically improve Marketing’s impact on revenue by combining advanced analytics technology, scientific leadership and deep domain expertise. This typically generates a 20%-30% improvement in marketing effectiveness and 3%-4% revenue increase yielding a 3x-50x first-year ROI. We help direct over $100 billion in marketing investments for clients in 45 countries and are widely considered the market leader. For more information visit

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