LoopMe to Bring Video Advertising to 1 Billion Mobile Users

With mobile usage booming and overtaking other media, offering brands TV-size audience on mobile video is the next big opportunity

LoopMe, a mobile advertising platform specialising in full-screen ad formats, has launched the first mobile Real-time Bidding (RTB) platform to deliver full-screen video and rich media ads via HTML5. This gives advertisers unprecedented scale, exceeding that of TV, to reach global audiences on Android and iOS platforms that now account for over 95% of the global smartphone market.

Current solutions for mobile video ad delivery are limited in scope because the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s Video Ad-Serving Template (VAST) standard created specifically to enable and support video advertising lacks wide-scale adoption across ad exchanges that facilitate the bidded buying and selling of mobile advertising inventory on mobile sites and apps. This means that volumes available to mobile video fall short of the audiences commanded by formats such as TV.

With HTML5 smartphone penetration now running at approximately 2 billion devices worldwide, HTML5 solves this problem because it is an open standard, so it enables video and rich media in any full-screen ad space, via any ad exchange. This opens the possibility of mobile video advertising reaching and even exceeding one billion users globally, rivalling and potentially surpassing TV audience sizes.

LoopMe’s platform also uses RTB to buy ad space for these HTML5 ad units. This is the next generation of digital advertising, giving advertisers access to massive global audiences across ad exchanges, sophisticated targeting through leveraging behavioural and demographic data, and the transparency to know exactly which ads are working hardest, and where.

This transparency also enables brand safety. LoopMe’s solution ensures that advertisers know their ads are being displayed in brand-safe environments through measures such as black- and white-listing to restrict which publications are acceptable; private exchanges that facilitate exclusive agreements between advertisers and publishers; and RTB content categories that zero in on specific types of publishers.

Stephen Upstone, CEO and co-founder of LoopMe, said: “TV is already losing budget to digital video advertising, and it’s highly significant that Facebook is embracing full-screen mobile video. All the signs are that full-screen ads, particularly video, are the next big development in mobile advertising. Traditional TV viewing habits are changing, driven by apps and mobile devices with larger and higher resolution screens now playing an increasing role in content and entertainment consumption. Mobile video advertising lacked scale, and this is what we have cracked with HTML5. From today, CMOs of big brands can push high-performance full-screen mobile video ads out to TV-sized audiences.”

About LoopMe

LoopMe is the leading mobile Demand-Side Platform (DSP) focusing exclusively on full-screen ad formats (interstitials, rich media and video) which deliver higher impact and more engaging advertising experiences than non full-screen formats, for both advertisers and publishers. LoopMe uses big data and artificial intelligence to target audiences and optimise campaigns for the best possible results from advertising on smartphones and tablet devices. The LoopMe platform seamlessly integrates with exchanges and publishers’ applications including the world’s largest apps and games, many of which have achieved over a billion downloads, giving LoopMe massive global reach.

LoopMe was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the mission to increase the value advertisers gain from mobile advertising by giving them more engaging ad formats that can be made shareable via social media and that not only improves the end-user experience but also delivers better performance for the campaigns.

For more information please visit www.loopme.biz or contact the team.