Celtra and MEC Announce Strategic Partnership

London ­ – ­ MEC, a leading global media agency, today announced a strategic partnership with Celtra Inc., a leading creative, analytics and optimisation platform for display advertising, for the creation of data-driven, mobile and cross-screen display ads.

The partnership brings content, data, and media together, seamlessly enabling the right message to be delivered to the right audience at global scale, improving the quality and performance of digital advertising in a mobile-first world.

Clients will not only gain access to Celtra’s proprietary customer benchmarking data to inform the strategic planning process; but also to its AdCreator 4 Platform, delivering billions of global impressions to streamline and optimise the creative development of mobile and cross-screen experiences. The result will be truly relevant advertising that brings message and media together for highly effective and engaging real-time customer experiences.

Commenting on the partnership, Rachel Pasqua, Practice Lead, Mobile, MEC North America, said, “Consumers have very different expectations of the content they access on these devices and for advertising to succeed, the nuances must be well understood. At MEC, we’ve architected a new integrated, data-driven approach, leveraging audience, brand and technology insights to identify key moments in consumers’ lives where branded mobile communications can add value. Our partnership with Celtra means that we can apply mobile customer insights at the earliest stages of content development, thereby empowering our clients to deliver highly relevant and customised rich media solutions that will transform the overall mobile experience and of course increase ROI.”

To date, mobile ads have been most commonly treated as simple extensions of campaigns designed for the desktop. However, the fast evolution of mobile technology and consumers’ obvious reliance on their devices is sparking the realisation that mobile-first strategies will be a driver of significant change in how advertisers strategically approach digital media as a whole.

“Mobility has made omnichannel a reality, disrupting the outdated model of one-size fits all digital advertising,” added Anthony Mazzarella, VP of Sales for Celtra. “While the industry has predominantly been focused on media and audiences, at Celtra we have very much been focused on the message, emphasising the importance of engaging, data-fueled creative and a superior user experience. Joining forces with MEC will allow us to bring a very unique value proposition to some of the world’s largest brands, harnessing unique data sets during the communications planning process and enabling them to forge much more meaningful relationships with their consumers.”

Celtra empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders alike with an integrated, truly scalable HTML5 technology for brand advertising on smartphones, tablets and desktop. To learn more about Celtra and Interscroller, please visit our website, follow us on Twitter at @CeltraMobile or visit us on LinkedIn.

About Celtra

Celtra Inc. empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders alike with an integrated, truly scalable cross-screen HTML5 technology for brand advertising on smartphones, tablets and desktop. AdCreator 4 is built to run large-scale and complex campaigns. It is a single platform for streamlined ad creation, performance optimised serving and consolidated reporting with common metrics across all screens. For more information, visit Celtra at www.celtra.com or @CeltraMobile on Twitter. Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Ljubljana.