Eyeview Guarantees Auto Advertisers 25% Engagement Lift

Leading Personalized Video Advertising Platform Promises Increased Traffic to Dealerships’ Online Properties Within Three Months

NEW YORK – Eyeview, the leading personalized online video advertising platform, today announced a program through which it will guarantee measurably improved results over traditional advertising efforts to any automotive brand that partners with the company. Starting today, Eyeview promises any auto brand that uses an Eyeview-designed strategy will achieve a minimum of a 25 percent increase in online traffic or additional impressions will be served at no cost until this goal is met.

“With our track record in the automotive industry, I’m confident in the guarantee we are offering,” said Erik Schear, VP of Auto Sales at Eyeview. “While automotive advertising has become increasingly competitive, Eyeview’s video for sales approach uses innovative features – like the ability to automatically morph the color of a car featured in a video – to deliver the right message to the right person, at a time most likely to drive the sale.”

By fusing the effectiveness of television branded advertising with the efficiency of digital personalization, brands are able to leverage granular data to create highly relevant ad experiences, greatly increasing a viewer’s chance to take action after seeing an ad. Post impression activity, such as visiting a dealer’s website – activities not typically measured in TV advertising – is a powerful indicator and driver for future purchases.

“Our promise to deliver on the 25 percent lift guarantee shows how in tune we are to addressing what matters most to advertisers – driving bottom line results.  February also represents a critical time of year for auto manufacturers looking to drive Q1 sales with President’s Day incentives,” said Schear. “The core principles of our technology were specifically designed with the advertiser in mind and we’ll continue to invest in solutions that solve our client’s biggest challenges.”

To solidify their commitment to this offering, Eyeview will continue to run the campaign for no cost until the goal is met, in the event that a campaign does not meet this guarantee.

About Eyeview

Eyeview fuses the effectiveness of television branded advertising with the efficiency of digital personalization technologies: enabling brands to maintain effective, efficient and measurable individual consumer relationships.

Our VideoIQ platform provides video advertising solutions that drive measurable performance by leveraging video personalization technology, individual consumer data, real time media buying and optimization, fused with traditional television content.

Brand marketers using Eyeview’s vertical specific solutions are able to go beyond awareness, and tie ad exposure to purchase activities such as product research, lead generation and offline sales. Eyeview partners with Fortune 500 leaders in Automotive, Retail, CPG, Travel, QSR and Entertainment, including P&G, Land Rover, Lowe’s, Marriott and more.

Headquartered in NY, Eyeview has offices in Chicago, Detroit and LA.