Varick Media Management Selects Tremor Video’s DSP as Preferred Demand Platform for Video

Gains Access to Premium Programmatic Platform to Optimize to Viewability and Deliver on Brand Goals

NEW YORK – Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE:TRMR), an advertising technology company elevating brand performance across all screens for the world’s leading brands and publishers, announced it has been selected by Varick Media Management as a preferred partner to manage clients’ premium programmatic video advertising efforts through Tremor Video’s demand-side platform (DSP), powered by VideoHub. Through this partnership, Varick will have access to a sophisticated DSP focused on premium video.

“As our clients look to invest more of their advertising budgets in video, it was crucial for us to select a partner that truly understands the video landscape”

“As our clients look to invest more of their advertising budgets in video, it was crucial for us to select a partner that truly understands the video landscape,” said Paul Rostkowski, President, Varick. “Tremor Video has a long history of working in the premium video space, with a particular focus on viewability, performance and analytics, and we leverage VideoHub’s technology to access video inventory programmatically for our clients.”

Varick represents clients of all sizes across categories, including consumer-packaged goods and entertainment. Through Tremor Video’s DSP, Varick is now able to leverage a single platform to programmatically:

  • balance three fundamental marketing attributes (reach, price and performance);
  • buy on one of the widest spectrums of metrics in the industry;
  • buy and optimize against Viewable Impression or Viewable Completion;
  • access deeper targeting capabilities across a diverse premium supply; and
  • ensure their ads will appear in brand safe environments.

“Varick works with key advertisers who are quickly shifting budgets to include more programmatic buys, and we’re proud to bring them a solution that delivers on their premium video goals,” said Neeraj Kochhar, Managing Director of Buy-side Platforms at Tremor Video. “Tremor Video’s DSP is the only platform in the market solely focused on the premium video needs of brand advertisers.”

Tremor Video’s DSP allows advertisers and agencies to programmatically buy video based on effectiveness, using extensive brand performance analytics, marking the first time marketers can demand more from programmatic buying than just reach and price. The platform optimizes video buys across a broad spectrum of brand marketing goals including the most basic, such as audience reach, to more sophisticated metrics such as viewability, ad engagement, and brand performance. Additionally, marketers can take advantage of the Creative Express Suite capabilities where a full-service creative team builds a highly engaging interactive “express” ad unit in 24 hours to deliver across every video partner on a media campaign.

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About Tremor Video, Inc.

Tremor Video (NYSE:TRMR) helps make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers. The company’s heritage as custodians of the most recognized advertiser and publisher brands is built on leadership in all-screen analytics and a long-standing commitment to transparency. Our premium video marketplace offers the full spectrum of video ad products and services, including premium programmatic buying and selling and analytics that connect the two.

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Varick provides advertisers and brands the tools to establish connections with their customers through programmatic advertising solutions. We deliver a brand’s message across multiple media channels, creative formats, and inventory sources.

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