Ooyala Strengthens Video Analytics Leadership with Ooyala IQ, Built to Drive Revenue with a 360-Degree View of Content Performance and Audience Behaviour

With real-time multidimensional analysis across devices, geographies, players and traffic sources, Ooyala’s newest analytics engine helps drive increased revenue and engagement

London, UK — Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and the leading innovator in premium video publishing, analytics and monetisation, today announced Ooyala IQ, the first analytics platform to provide a 360-degree view of video performance and audience behaviour, including multi-dimensional filtering by device, operating system, browser, country, state, DMA (for U.S.), player or traffic source, all processed in milliseconds and provided in one view. This latest version of Ooyala’s industry-leading analytics engine maximises video monetisation across all screens through real-time, actionable insights that help providers better understand and target audiences, based on actual usage patterns.

Ooyala IQ is laser-focused on revenue optimisation. It was conceived and built from the ground up for a world where video is distributed and consumed across a wide variety of devices, reaching audiences wherever they are. Adapting to this new business environment requires much more device-specific, content-specific and ad-specific data and insights in order to run a media business efficiently and profitably. Ooyala IQ meets these needs with no configuration or custom development required, delivering a new level of predictive insights on optimal advertising, content publishing and distribution strategies.

Ooyala IQ is designed with an open framework allowing for deeper integration of many business-critical data types, whether from Ooyala or from the broader media ecosystem, that can be used to maximise performance, engagement and revenue. These include ad performance and viewability metrics as well as quality of service metrics used to gauge the overall health of video streams. These data types will be added to Ooyala IQ over the course of the year to further extend its already market-leading capabilities.

Ooyala IQ will be available to select customers within the next 30 days, and will be showcased at next week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) exhibition in Las Vegas (Exhibit #SV1000). Major broadcasters and publishers around the world participating in the beta program for Ooyala IQ include Sky Sports, Media Prima, Fairfax Media, Telegraph Media Group, Telstra, Vox Media, Complex Media, Dell, Southern Cross Austereo and many more.

Ooyala Chief Executive Officer Jay Fulcher said, “As TV continues to migrate across devices, delivery and monetisation must be integrated deeply with real-time analytics. Regardless of the revenue model, business and programming decisions can now be informed by new kinds of big data analyses. Ooyala has re-imagined how video and TV analytics are collected, stored, managed and accessed, providing an unprecedented level of visibility so our customers can optimise how they run and monetise their business.”

Ooyala IQ is tightly integrated with the company’s comprehensive platform for managing, delivering and monetising video. Together with the company’s line of ad serving solutions from its Videoplaza line of business, Ooyala offers the most comprehensive and modular suite of products for operators, broadcasters and media companies looking to maximise video revenue, with the most advanced analytics for driving business insights, on a global scale.

Real-time Programming Optimisation

With the multidimensional querying capability of Ooyala IQ, users can filter, sort and drill down into a wide range of real-time video metrics, either within the highly-interactive Ooyala IQ UI or through an API. It is now far simpler to filter across multiple dimensions at once, including asset or label, device or OS, geography, domain, and player, without the need to pre-configure filtering dimensions or heavily invest in custom solutions.

This granular level of measurement allows broadcasters and publishers to provide their advertisers with far more specific insights about their audience’s consumption patterns, helping them to better target and thus drive higher CPMs and ad revenues. It also enables programming teams to understand patterns in their viewers’ engagement with their content, to inform editorial and programming decisions and maximise viewership.

Robust Player Tracking

A new player tracking capability gives Ooyala IQ users the ability to track the performance of individual players as a new dimension in their analytics dashboard, providing yet another layer of actionable information important to the success of any video business. Uses for player tracking include A/B testing across a set of players presenting different styles and capabilities,

comparing the performance of players across a set of syndication partners, or comparing performance of players placed in various sections of a website. For example, users can:

●     Test the impact of various ad monetisation policies (e.g. frequency and/or number of ads) to determine the effect on engagement versus revenue earned

●     Easily gauge the impact of Ooyala Discovery, a content recommendation product proven to increase viewer engagement and ad revenue

This level of testing gives providers the ability to measure and report on the profitability of any partner or division and to compare effectiveness of different campaigns, by directing viewers to pages containing different players.

Streamlined UI for Holistic View of Video Performance

Ooyala IQ boasts a re-imagined view of Ooyala’s core video metrics dashboard, offering customers a holistic, detailed view into the performance of each individual piece of content.  Along with existing graphs detailing unique users, segments watched, hours watched, plays  requested and content starts (a new metric that measures drop-offs resulting from ad breaks), its expanded capabilities measure key asset metadata, key performance metrics for each asset, segment-specific metrics that clearly identify the sections of each video asset that are the most popular with viewers, and more.

Examples of how this data can help include:

●     Knowing precisely which segments of long-form content drive the highest engagement, to maximise views and ad revenue from clips and out-takes

●     Using play conversion (ratio of player displays to video plays) and video conversion (ratio of video plays to video starts) metrics to ascertain the impact of thumbnails and ads on conversion, for a single asset or a group of assets

These new metrics provide a true 360-degree view of each asset’s performance, and combined with simplified A/B testing, enables customers emulate elements of the highest-performing content within other assets. The result is richer experiences that keep audiences engaged longer.

Granular Asset-By-Asset Measurement & Performance

Ooyala IQ provides fast one-click access to detailed “success metrics” – for example the impact of ads on engagement – for each individual asset. Understanding the performance of an asset, or a catalogue of assets such as a season’s worth of episodic content, is critical to the content acquisition process for programming teams, and has a direct and immediate impact on revenue optimisation for ad sales teams.

For example, an asset that seems to have low overall engagement across a customer’s total footprint may turn out to be highly popular on mobile phones in a particular country or DMA. This level of contextual detail allows ad operation teams to properly value assets on a per-device, per-regional basis, thus creating more value when negotiating ad campaigns.

Analyst Quotes:

Paul Palumbo, Accustream Research: “As viewing patterns shift in a device-deep world, video content and monetisation data is valuable currency all brands, publishers, programmers, technology platforms and agencies have in common. Unifying these data feeds through elegant and powerful console gateways provides the essential management tools needed to bridge converging digital and linear marketplaces, fashioning discrete points of intelligence into knowledge-based forecasting.”

Michelle Abraham, SNL Kagan: “Ooyala’s IQ will expand the publisher and broadcaster toolkit for video monetisation and programming. As TV continues to move online, understanding the multidimensional nuances of how audiences are engaging with video will enable content providers to better invest, program and build more contextualised, personal experiences.”

About Ooyala

Ooyala, a subsidiary of Telstra Corporation Limited, delivers personalised video experiences across all screens and is a leader in online video management, publishing, analytics and monetisation. Ooyala’s integrated suite of technologies and services gives content owners the power to expand audiences through deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video. Through its acquisition of London-based Videoplaza, Ooyala also operates one of the world’s largest premium video ad serving platforms and programmatic trading solutions, delivering ads to viewers across all devices. It is used by the most successful broadcasters and media companies in Europe and the Asia Pacific region to maximise video monetisation.

Companies using Ooyala technology include Univision, Foxtel, RTL, Canal+, NBC Universal, Telstra, ESPN, SBS Broadcasting, Telegraph Media Group, The North Face, Rolling Stone, Dell and Sephora. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ooyala has offices in New York City, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Guadalajara, Mexico. The company works with premier reseller and technology partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visit www.ooyala.com.