Maxifier Releases Fraud Protection Solution

New Solution Allows Advertisers to Identify Fraudulent Inventory

NEW YORK, NY – Maxifier, the global leader in total performance optimization, has introduced a new detection solution to identify fraudulent ad inventory as part of its buy-side optimization platform ADMAX TRADE.

Fraud has long been a problem for online advertisers and publishers alike. It is estimated as much as $6.3bn globally could be lost to click fraud by bots this year, prompting the development of Maxifier’s latest offering. By analyzing campaign data using algorithms, ADMAX TRADE automatically identifies any performance anomalies signifying the likelihood of fraud across multiple levels, including placements, sellers and publishers.

In the past, advertisers have had difficulty obtaining transparency. ADMAX TRADE users are now able to generate reports that highlight sellers, identify their risk level and indicate the fraud potential of their ad placements. Advertisers can use these reports to suppress potential fraud in order to ensure they are only buying acceptable inventory. In the next product release, advertisers will be able to automate the process of immediately suppressing sellers who are deemed as having a high risk of fraud.

“As much as 30-40% of impressions are fraudulent, and advertisers are wasting millions of dollars serving ads to non-existent consumers,” said Maxifier CEO Denise Colella. “Our latest release is designed to help advertisers gain more transparency into fraud so that they can take positive action and have greater confidence about where their ads run.”

About Maxifier
Maxifier is the global leader in total performance optimization, enabling premium publishers and media companies to unlock and maximize the value of their inventory. Maxifier’s ADMAX technology is specifically designed to optimize around premium, high-value inventory, bringing visibility, control, transparency, and viewability to the often cumbersome process of campaign optimization. The ADMAX suite reduces the time ad operations teams spend on optimization so they can focus on higher yields, increasing revenue, and securing a greater proportion of future media budgets. With offices in the U.S., UK, Japan, and Russia, Maxifier analyzes 500 billion impressions annually to drive premium inventory and optimization for more than 44,000 campaigns for leading publishers and media companies.