AerServ Launches Rewarded Video Solution, Enabling Developers to Make Money Every Time an Ad Plays

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – AerServ, the only mobile-first video mediation platform, today announces the launch of rewarded video for mobile. According to Swrve, 98.65% of mobile game players will not make in app-purchases. Nevertheless, in-app purchases were the prevailing revenue stream offered to developers. Aerserv’s new solution helps game developers drive revenue each time an advertisement plays — a passive revenue stream that derives from videos users actually watch.

Rewarded video formats have been gaining popularity as developers are seeking new ways to monetize users in a market increasingly saturated by new apps. Because users are incentivized to watch rewarded video ads and choose when to do so, they enjoy an uninterrupted experience and demonstrate a higher level of engagement. Additionally, users are motivated to continue their in-app experience, using the currency they’ve earned. While most rewarded video providers are ad networks, AerServ’s mediation platform allows developers to implement rewarded video across as many ad networks as they’d like, implementing both performance and brand advertising.

AerServ CEO Josh Speyer said, “We’re excited to offer rewarded video to our customers; it is one more layer to add to our holistic monetization solution and a valuable tool for developers. With rewarded video, everyone wins: the user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertisers receive the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays (resulting in high performance) and the publisher earns more revenue.”

“AerServ has proven one of our strongest partners for in-game advertisement, consistently delivering in terms of service, quality providers and performance. We’re looking forward to seeing similarly positive results from their rewarded video solution, a format that’s proven successful in driving engagement for players and ROI for advertisers,” said Nick Barbato, CEO at Pangia Games, Inc.

As the leading mobile monetization platform, AerServ is continually improving their award-winning solution through innovative product launches and best-in-class technology, making it the #1 solution for developers seeking to monetize their apps. The addition of rewarded video is yet another key tool to for developers, advertisers and publishers leveraging AerServ’s industry-leading platform

About AerServ
AerServ is the leading mobile ad serving and mediation platform, specializing in mobile video technology, with proprietary yield optimization tools that increase revenue across all formats and ad units. AerServ works in alignment with thousands of apps, from premium publishers to independent developers, to optimize their existing ad network revenue through mediation, and tap into aerMarket’s demand inventory to supercharge their earnings. AerServ’s entire platform and infrastructure were built with a publisher-first mentality. Technical integration is super simple, and publishers can serve multiple ad formats through one integration, reducing time even further. Publisher’s get best-in-class support with hands-on care from integration specialists, account managers, and software engineers. Whether you are looking for a simple way to monetize your mobile inventory or an advanced way to increase revenue, AerServ can get you there easily and efficiently. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Newport Beach, Calif. Visit AerServ at or follow us on Twitter at @AerServ.

via Blast PR