Collective Takes Programmatic Transparency to Unprecedented Heights With Debut of VISTO™

Self Service UI Unifies Fragmented Ad Tech Ecosystem

NEW YORK, NY – Hello, transparency (finally)! Collective — the ad tech leader and programmatic pioneer — announced the launch of VISTO™. A fully transparent, self-service interface, VISTO™ will give Collective clients unparalleled access, control and ease-of-use. Created in response to industry demand, VISTO™ eliminates the need for multiple user interfaces with a unified data and reporting system — offering a streamlined, platform-agnostic approach to data and analytics across multiple screens, formats and ad technologies. Collective also announced a partnership with Allscope Media, an independent agency focused on consultative media solutions. As part of the deal, Allscope will receive access to Collective’s programmatic inventory and technology, including VISTO™, enabling the agency to scale campaigns for its clients across multiple channels.

According to an IAB and Winterberry Group study, enterprise marketers today leverage more than 12 media tools in their workflow. The study reveals that marketers are confronted by a myriad of fragmented point solutions and are actively seeking a way to streamline the process of gathering, analyzing and activating data across screens to achieve the still-unrealized potential of cross-channel integration.

“VISTO™ offers the highest level of transparency that programmatic has ever seen,” said Collective CEO Joe Apprendi. “Because VISTO™ is ad technology agnostic, agencies and advertisers now have the flexibility to compare performance across RTB and Non-RTB platforms. And this is just the start of what we’re developing.”

Available as part of the Collective Desk™ solution, which bundles managed services with a reporting user interface, VISTO™ offers two industry firsts for a programmatic product. It clearly displays media optimization insights within its interface. It also comprehensively integrates third party metrics. Now, for the first time, clients will be able to view fully transparent, platform-agnostic data and analytics on:

  • Inventory placement details (screen, format and platform types, as well as domain and URL)
  • Inventory quality insights (ad viewability and non-human traffic measurements)
  • Data, technology and inventory costs
  • Performance statistics (ROI metric by screen, format and platform)

Collective offers agencies and advertisers the ability to flexibly tap into service and inventory as they need it and when they need it, arming them with the tools, such as VISTO™, necessary for success in today’s competitive digital advertising market. Access to Collective’s team of programmatic specialists levels the playing field for companies who don’t have the existing in-house resources or expertise.

“As an independent agency, Allscope prides itself on providing media agnostic solutions to our clients, and offering strategic advice based on sound analytics and years of media expertise,” said Allscope CEO Evan Greenberg. “Partnering with Collective to extend our digital offering made strategic sense, as they share our partner agnostic DNA, and the ability to provide the media quality, transparency and insights that our clients demand.”

More details on Collective VISTO™ can be found here.

About Collective
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