Chargeads Introduces Industry’s First DSP for the Publisher

ChargeAds, a provider of advertising automation technology, today announced the availability of its new trading platform, purposely built for publishers to better service demand partnerships. The product is effectively a DSP (Demand Side Platform) for the modern publisher and is announced along with a new strategic commitment towards empowering the next generation of Programmatic sales teams.

Chargeads is therefore set to remove the complexity and inherent confusion around building an in-house Programmatic sales capability, an advancement that’s becoming indispensable in today’s data-driven economy.

The new platform enables publishers to open up Programmatic access to their data and inventory, as well as third-party sites, with a technology that they thoroughly control, scale and adapt for their needs. This allows advertisers to target ads to individuals based on their data footprint, a collection of attributes that both the publisher and advertiser would contribute to, based on previous evidence that they’d be interested in specific content, products or services.

Online publishers can choose to bring forward pockets of known users and selectively allow advertisers to buy such audiences across any inventory, on or off-site, on a self-service basis and under good business ethics. While not exclusively involved in trading media placements they own, publishers reduce reliance on ad inventory volumes, encouraging editorial teams to build better content and not just more page impressions.

“The race to the bottom has long begun and it’s likely to only have two winners: Google and Facebook – both pursuing ambitious plans for advertising domination. User data is undoubtedly the new currency for internet advertising and much as publishers understand its value – they lack the platforms to bring forward scalable advertising products that make use of the resource.” says Mihai Fanache, CEO and Founder of ChargeAds.

With its “Lighthouse” functionality, the platform provides site owners with an in-depth view at what other content their audience is consuming across the web, giving sales teams the ability to include selected third-party domains under larger, more comprehensive audience-driven ad-products. Results are presented along with platform-wide bid data, win rates and average CPMs so that teams can accurately evaluate the probability to deliver and cost effectiveness of such inventory.

By employing a single integration, publishers can avoid what’s commonly referred to as “The Technology Tax”, or the cost of integrating up to 5 different ad-tech vendors to make such executions viable, something that can absorb up to 75% of the ad revenue.

With that in mind, the new platform deploys full support for Native ad formats – introducing editorial and sales teams to a space of unbounded advertising executions, beautifully integrated alongside editorial content and powered by data-driven, RTB protocols.

“Oscar, our flagship platform introduced last year, is evolving today from an all-purpose DSP to one that’s specifically addressing the needs of publishers looking to lead in the new Programmatic ecosystem” concludes Fanache.

About Chargeads

Chargeads helps online publishers lead, innovate and engage partners more effectively over an exceptionally versatile alternative to the endless stack of ad-tech investments. The company currently serves partners via offices and datacenters in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Dubai and Cape Town.