Nielsen Catalina Solutions Finds Mobile Drives Incremental Sales for Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts With Pandora Campaign

Delivers Over 3X in Return on Ad Spend

CINCINNATI, OH – Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), a leader in enabling marketers to increase the sales impact of their advertising by powering cross-channel platforms with actual purchase data, announced results of a new campaign that showed a seven percent lift in offline retail sales for Kellogg Company (NYSE: K). The campaign, delivered across multiple devices in conjunction with Pandora (NYSE: P), the leading Internet radio service, delivered exceptional results and determined mobile as the most effective channel for driving sales.

The Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts brand sought to deliver relevant audio messages to teenagers on Pandora to encourage them to consider Pop-Tarts as a breakfast option with the goal of increasing sales among loyal and lapsed buyers. Pandora ultimately reached over four million households with 30 million impressions on tablet, mobile and desktop. Additionally, for every dollar spent on advertising, Pop-Tarts received over three dollars in incremental sales. Although mobile-only households comprised 60 percent of those exposed to the campaign, they contributed to 70 percent of the total incremental impact, validating mobile’s effectiveness.

“The campaign on Pandora was a natural fit for the Pop-Tarts brand given teens’ affinity for listening to music over multiple devices,” said Jon Suarez-Davis, global vice president of digital media and strategy, Kellogg Company. “However, mobile advertising measurement has been a notoriously difficult nut to crack for brand marketers. NCS’ household data and methodology is a unique differentiator in identifying actual buyers via any kind of device and determining the effect of mobile advertising on incremental sales.”

“We are proud to be at the forefront of helping marketers identify the mobile opportunity and ensure they receive the highest return possible – especially in the CPG category,” said Heidi Browning, senior vice president of strategic solutions at Pandora. “Working with NCS on this exciting campaign allowed us to provide Kellogg’s with valuable data on actual retail sales and further our mission to efficiently leverage our clients’ dollars and deliver advertising solutions that are great for both listeners and brands.”

“Access to the power of big data’s broad analysis is no longer revolutionary – it’s now fully realized for mobile,” said Mike Nazzaro, chief executive officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “The ability to link actual retail sales with ad exposures to measure the financial performance of advertising is becoming the foundational standard. Marketers are demanding that mobile ad providers leverage this data in a closed-loop solution that delivers the relevant message to the right audience and measures the sales attribution. With our platform-agnostic offerings, NCS is thrilled to work with Pandora to ensure brands are reaching their mobile-first audiences.”

For more information on how NCS measures the impact of mobile advertising on offline retail sales, see the video. A full list of the NCS Digital Network can be found on the company’s website.