Eyeview and Nielsen Catalina Solutions Customize Video Ads to Connect with Shoppers in Real-Time Across Screens

Combine Audience and Retail Sales Data to Measure Offline Sales from Online Ads for CPG Brands and Retailers

NEW YORK and CINCINNATI – Eyeview, the leading personalized video advertising platform, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), leader in enabling marketers to increase the sales impact of their advertising using actual purchase data, today announced an agreement that will result in a solution that delivers personalized video advertising fueled by consumer shopping behavior. With this solution, viewers will see a version of an ad tailored specifically to their actual retail purchase behavior and other relevant information. NCS will then be able to measure the resulting incremental sales from this personalized ad campaign.

Eyeview’s solution harnesses the power of data, relevancy and personalization to create an unlimited number of customized video ads from a single broadcast-quality video that are tailored based on information such as retail shopping behavior, demographics, location, local pricing, even the weather. The most relevant video ads are then delivered to receptive households, based on NCS buyergraphic data, and automatically optimized throughout the campaign to drive retail sales.

NCS’ dataset accesses two years of historical household purchase information and key insights from more than 120,000 brands to enable effective personalization, measurement and sales optimization. To leverage the granularity of NCS data, advertisers can identify and message high potential consumer segments based on behavior such as brand loyalty, competitive consumption, lapsed purchasing, and price shopping.

“For CPG brands there is a challenge in knowing if your advertising is working,” said Brian Pozesky, Chief Marketing Officer of Eyeview. “At Eyeview, we’re focused on branding that moves product, helping CPG brands connect with their consumers by speaking to them as individuals with the most relevant, personalized videos and messages. The data that NCS provides is a closed-loop solution that is key to effectively using online personalized video to drive offline sales.”

“Eyeview’s unique platform combines the branding of national TV advertising with the proximity of local retail advertising and the power of personalization,” said Chase Miller, SVP, Product Strategy, Nielsen Catalina Solutions.  “This drives results for brands and retailers, and relevance for consumers.”

About Eyeview

Eyeview™ fuses the effectiveness of television branded advertising with the efficiency of digital personalization technologies: enabling brands to maintain effective, efficient and measurable individual consumer relationships.

Our VideoIQ™ platform provides video advertising solutions that drive measurable performance by combining video personalization technology, individual consumer data, real time media buying and optimization fused with traditional television content.

Brand marketers using Eyeview’s vertical-specific solutions are able to go beyond awareness, and tie ad exposure to purchase activities such as product research, lead generation and offline sales.

Eyeview partners with Fortune 500 leaders in Automotive, Retail, CPG, Travel, QSR and Entertainment, including P&G, Land Rover, Lowe’s, Marriott and more.

Headquartered in NY, Eyeview has offices in Chicago, Detroit and LA.

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Nielsen Catalina Solutions provides the most comprehensive single-source view of consumer purchase decisions and media activity to help CPG marketers, agencies and media companies optimize their advertising to drive revenue growth.

The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina integrates media viewing information from industry-leading Nielsen People Meter and Nielsen online with TV set-top-box and multi-media viewing data from the NCS Channel Network. This “watch” data is matched with the “buy” data from Nielsen Homescan® and over 70 million shopper households from Catalina.

This proprietary and holistic view uniquely helps our clients define their most valuable audience based on actual retail consumer purchases, find them in any media platform, and measure the resulting incremental sales. Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Visit www.ncsolutions.com to learn more.