adjust Reaches 1.3 Billion Live SDKs, Becomes Primary Source of App Data for Business Intelligence

  • New major client acquisitions with Rovio, Uber, Spotify further confirm the need for robust app business intelligence, and desire for adjust‘s platform.
  • adjust now collecting, processing and transmitting 600 terabytes per month of app data for company business intelligence.
  • 1.3 billion live SDKs transmit data to adjust’s systems, proving that adjust is the clear market leader in mobile measurement.
  • adjust doubling monthly recurring revenue each quarter across Asia, Europe, and North America; opens offices in Istanbul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Sydney in response.

BERLIN – Berlin- and San Francisco-based mobile attribution and analytics firm adjust today announced major milestone growth on its third anniversary. There are now over 1.3 billion live instances of the adjust SDK, representing roughly half of the smartphones in use worldwide. With hundreds of key partner integrations, adjust now captures, processes, and transmits app data in volumes exceeding 600 terabytes per month. Additionally, adjust revealed that the company continues to grow its client base and has announced a series of new major enterprise client acquisitions, including Rovio, Spotify, Lumos Labs, Uber, HotelTonight, Rocket Internet, and WB Games.

Increasingly, ad networks are relying on attribution data from third-party tracking providers such as adjust, and in so doing, shifting focus to the reach of attribution providers and the availability of underlying APIs. The ratio of adjust’s outgoing to incoming data, over the last 12 months, has shifted from roughly equal to a 3:5 bias for outgoing data – meaning that for each raw byte that is processed, almost twice the amount of concentrated, aggregated data is being transmitted out. This data is transmitted over various APIs, not just to ad networks, but also to key analytics providers like Mixpanel, Upsight, and mParticle. Criteo, which purchased AD-X in July 2013 and shuttered the company in 2015, partnered with adjust to bridge former AD-X clients. adjust is also a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Twitter Marketing Partner.

A central challenge to this approach is to make data available, but also to respect the data security of clients and the privacy of the end user. adjust approached this problem from multiple prongs: constructing a fully dynamic push API on the one hand, allowing anyone running traffic for advertisers to plug into the core dataset on their own performance; and on the other hand, providing a full pull API with detailed rights management, allowing advertisers to decide which specific datasets, and to what degree of granularity, are available to their partners.

Keeping the SDK open-source is key to adjust keeping its promise of transparency. Anyone at any time can read the live source code of the underlying tracking systems, and thus both clients and end users can confirm exactly what data adjust is collecting and transmitting.

adjust is currently doubling monthly recurring revenue every quarter, with revenues equally divided between Asia, Europe, and North America. In response, the company quickly scaled to 70 people, and opened offices in Istanbul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and most recently Sydney this year.

Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder of adjust, said: “While we’re now growing fast and profitable in attribution, this space is not big enough. Are there ways we can use this data responsibly, and with respect to help people make better, smarter and more successful apps? We believe there are specific ways, and our partners can expect to see further growth and expansion of our platform in the near future.”

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About adjust
adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the highest quality analytics and attribution solutions for companies worldwide. With adjust’s open source SDK, app developers can track and analyze user acquisition, feature releases, user lifetime cohorts and more. adjust provides streamlined reporting for understandable, actionable and comparable metrics. adjust is a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, and dynamic adjust integrations is in use by over 600 networks and analytics providers worldwide. Founded in Berlin in 2012, adjust today has global offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney.

adjust is trusted by clients across Asia, the EU and the Americas: including leading app and IT companies like Spotify, Uber, Yelp; global brands like Universal Media, Yandex and Sony Music; as well as the world’s largest advertising and media agencies, including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM. adjust supports clients on the ground from each global office, and offers fully localized solutions in multiple languages.

adjust is the only mobile analytics company to meet stringent EU privacy compliance standards, proving that app tracking does not have to be intrusive. adjust is funded by Target Partners, Capnamic Ventures, and Iris Capital.
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