StreamSend Engagement Tiles Replace Banner Ads, Deliver New Ways to Reach Mobile Customers, Generate Leads, Automate Content Sharing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – StreamSend, the email marketing service provider, shares how new Engagement Tiles™, interactive, embedded tiles that replace traditional banner ads, can create new website engagement with mobile customers, generate more leads and automate content sharing.

“Today’s consumer demands a more personalized, relevant and responsive than traditional banner ads can supply”

“Today’s consumer demands a more personalized, relevant and responsive than traditional banner ads can supply,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “With StreamSend Engagement Tiles, we keep it simple and fast with a single-click solution that immediately engages visitors and begins developing a profitable relationship that includes email subscribers. Here are three ways Engagement Tiles can make a big difference reaching busy customers.”

Mobile, Lead Gen and Content: Three New Ways to Make the Customer Connection

1. Mobile Coupons

Problem: Using a web-based coupon for an in-store promotion to convert viewers into in-store customers.

Solution: Adding a sign-up form to a coupon tile that delivers the coupon directly to a customer’s mobile device, which they can seamlessly show the cashier at checkout.

2. Lead Generation

Problem: Persuading more B2B browsers to download a great top-of-the-funnel white paper or slide presentation

Solution: Increase downloads by embedding a lead generation form directly into an engagement tile, eliminating the drop-off rate associated with landing page conversions.

3. Automated Content Sharing

Problem: How to easily share content across the web and automatically keep it up to date.

Solution: Select a content tile, drop in your RSS feed (web content, blog posts, infographics, video feeds, etc.), select the number of posts to display, and offer the embed code to any website. Wherever this content tile is embedded, it will display your latest updates to always look fresh. You also maintain control over what content is displayed on other sites.

Find out how easy it is to streamline user engagement and remove the need for landing pages and other conversion barriers, click here to read more and sign up for a 30-day free trial, compliments of StreamSend Engagement Tiles.


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