Headway Digital Launches Global Native Advertising Suite, NativeWay

Miami, FL – Headway Digital (www.headwaydigital.com) has announced the global release of NativeWay, a powerful solution offering display, video and mobile solutions for native advertising campaigns using programmatic buying. The service is available to advertisers throughout the U.S., European Union and Latin America.

NativeWay is powered by Headway Digital, the leading global programmatic company with technology that integrates DMP and powerful media buying capabilities in a one stop advertising platform for seamless, data-driven campaigns for web, mobile, video, social and other digital platforms in emerging and developed markets alike.

NativeWay offers performance and brand marketers the ability to target their ideal consumers wherever they are in the digital universe via:

  • Native Display Ads, which dynamically displays a marketer’s ad to fit the look and feel of each publisher site. Each creative includes an image, logo and up to 200 text characters.
  • Native Video, which are in-stream videos that display within the content of the publisher’s site. As the user scrolls down, the pre-roll video will pop inside the text on auto-play. Ads will pause in the event that the user scrolls away.
  • Native Mobile, which promotes ad creatives in non-intrusive ad formats that blends messaging into each website and app.

NativeWay will offer marketers considerable benefits over traditional banners, including enhanced user experience, higher viewability, measurably better engagement rates as well as a boost in the number of organic installs of mobile apps. NativeWay is fully integrated with Headway Digital’s powerful programmatic platform in order to optimize each campaign according to the client’s objectives and goals.

For more information about NativeWay, visit http://nativeway.co/ or email [email protected] to speak with an account specialist.