YesData Launches Bulk Clean Capabilities for Its Prospecting, Sales Intelligence and CRM Hygiene Solutions

NEW YORK, NY – YesData, a leading provider of prospecting intelligence and CRM data solutions, today announced the release of bulk CRM data clean capabilities. Designed for marketing and sales organizations seeking improved campaign response rates, the new bulk clean capabilities provide a critical layer of data hygiene to any CRM system. YesData Clean allows marketing teams to correct bad data and add missing data to contacts and accounts at scale.

“In today’s fast paced business environment, keeping data clean and contacts current is a never ending challenge. In fact, 30 percent of an average company’s customer data goes bad annually, and more than 80 percent of CRM records are incomplete at any given time,” said Adam Dunhill, YesData’s founder. “Dirty CRM data is a problem. Our bulk clean capabilities addresses the continual ‘dirty data challenge’ head on to increase productivity among sales and marketing professionals so they can effectively spend their time on relationship management and finalizing deals, not on managing their databases.”

YesData’s bulk clean capabilities include the following critical features:

*Ability to define records to be cleaned or clean all accounts and contacts in bulk.
*Intelligent Default Priority matching that chooses the best and most accurate records based on our proprietary scoring algorithm.
*Tailored priority matching designed for a more sophisticated user or for more complicated data. Bulk clean settings can be customized by adjusting the matching algorithm\’s to more effectively match and append data.
*The bulk clean settings keep a history of all changes for 30 to 120 days, allowing the user to revert records to their previous values if necessary.
*Email notifications for when updates are completed.
*Customizable, clean job statistics and metrics give the user an instant snapshot of the health of a database.

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About YesData

YesData’s world class, CRM business database delivers leads directly into your CRM. With more than five million company profiles and 17 million contacts, YesData makes it simple to search for targeted leads and ensures that the most up-to-date contact information is available. Both YesData Data Hygiene and YesData Lead allows businesses to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business quickly and easily, helping them to make an impact on their company’s bottom-line.