Visual IQ Introduces Advanced Attribution Platform Upgrade Designed for Brand Marketers

IQ Envoy® for Branding provides marketers with more control to measure and optimise branding efforts

London, UK – Visual IQ, the leading cross channel marketing attribution software provider, announced a significant enhancement to its IQ Intelligence Suite with the introduction of IQ Envoy for Branding. The upgrade will provide marketers with the tools they need to effectively measure the impact that each media channel and tactic has on brand engagement – a metric that has previously been extremely difficult to quantify.

In a recent study commissioned by Visual IQ, “Branding Measurement in Today’s Accountable World: A Tale of Two Marketers,” eight in ten (80%) of US and UK-based brand marketers found measuring the impact of their efforts more challenging than measuring the impact of direct response efforts. According to the study, the greatest challenges to measuring branding impact are the lack of measurement tools and an inability to calculate a single engagement score metric.

To address these challenges, Visual IQ has developed a new feature that provides a single currency for measurement and arms brand marketers with the same measurement and scenario planning capabilities that are available for direct response.

Part of IQ Intelligence Suite, IQ Envoy analyses marketing performance data from a number of sources to provide marketers with a highly accurate set of attributed metrics that depict the true value of every touchpoint on a consumer’s journey to conversion. The company’s new brand marketing measurement solution incorporates multiple brand engagement activities, such as website interactions, video views and rich media ad interactions, into an overall key performance indicator (KPI) metric, allowing them to fully understand their media’s true impact on brand engagement.

“Measuring campaign success is a key challenge for brand marketers, due to the difficulty in quantifying the impact of their efforts with the same level of accuracy as their direct marketing counterparts,” said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Visual IQ. “Through our enhanced attribution technology, we are empowering brand marketers to fully understand the impact of their branding and consequently assign budget to each touchpoint with the highest degree of precision.”

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IQ Envoy for Branding

A core product within the IQ Intelligence Suite, IQ Envoy runs marketing performance data from multiple sources through Visual IQ’s TrueAttribution® process, which calculates the impact that every marketing touchpoint and attribute has on achieving marketing goals. The output is a set of TrueMetrics™ that reflect the actual amount of credit each touchpoint deserves for producing a desired outcome.

For brand marketers, IQ Envoy for Branding uses the science of TrueAttribution to calculate a TrueEngagement Score™, a single currency for branding measurement and optimisation across all channels and tactics. This metric incorporates multiple brand engagement activities, such as website interactions, video views, rich media ad interactions, and more, into an overall key performance indicator (KPI) metric, providing brand marketers with a unified view of media’s true impact on brand engagement, and the ability to optimise their efforts at a granular level (keyword, placement, creative, etc.) in order to drive incremental brand lift. Additionally, brand marketers can measure de-duplicated reach across channels, devices, and publishers, and quantify each brand engagement activity’s impact on conversions.

About Visual IQ

Visual IQ produces the world’s most powerful cross channel marketing attribution software products. As a pioneer in the space, the company has been offering products since 2006. Its SaaS-based IQ Intelligence Suite reveals cross channel performance insights hidden deep within companies’ marketing data, providing actionable recommendations and optimised media plans to improve marketing effectiveness. These recommendations enable marketers and agencies to adjust their advertising strategies and tactics to significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing mix – both online and offline. The functionality behind these products combines a powerful, user-friendly interface with multi-dimensional fractional attribution science and predictive analytics that clearly and accurately show marketers where opportunities exist for improvement.

Visual IQ was named a leader in cross channel attribution in 2014 by a leading market research firm, won The Drum’s 2015 Digital Trading Award for Best Attribution Solution, won the 2014 ASPY Award for Best Data or Analytics Solution, and was a finalist in the Digital Analytics Association Excellence Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The company is a member of the IAB in the US, UK, France and Italy and sits on the association’s Advertising Technology, Data, Public Policy and CFO councils, as well as on the Standards Committee of the Digital Analytics Association.

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