Headway Digital Presents PROGRAMMATIC ELEMENTS, the Definitive Guide to Targeting in Programmatic

Programmatic Elements

Headway Digital, the leading programmatic media buying company announced today the release of the infographic, Programmatic Elements, a route-map designed to help marketers make sense of the myriad options available in today’s programmatic landscape for inventory, platform, creatives, data and goals.

The Programmatic Elements infographic is a resource developed by Headway Digital to streamline the complexity of programmatic media buying so that marketers can focus on the best opportunities to achieve their goals. The infographic provide advertisers with at-a-glance visibility into all elements that may be leveraged to segment and optimize both performance and branding campaigns. The map includes detailed explanation of aspects of the programmatic funnel.

The graphic, available in English and Spanish, is continuously updated as new functionality is introduced into the market. The infographic includes educational courses via Slideshare, and are available via email.

The Infographic and the background content are available at no charge via the web:

Website: http://programmaticelements.com/

Slideshare:  http://www.slideshare.net/HeadwayDigital

Email Course: http://programmaticelements.com/learn.php

http://programmaticelements.com/download.php (for high-resolution access)

“We believe education is fundamental to supporting the success of marketers worldwide. This route-map contains the concepts and solutions that are available today, as well as shows how they work together to contribute to a marketer’s goals. It clearly defines all of the elements for marketers that want to add programmatic media buying to their marketing stack,” said Dario Diament, VP of Product & Strategy at Headway Digital.

According to Diament, programmatic media buying is a discipline that is based on three pillars:

  • The integration of the ecosystem of technology providers, advertisers and publishers
  • The storage and processing of all campaign data to support data-driven decisioning
  • Access to data for unique audience segmentation.

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About Headway Digital

Headway Digital is your programmatic media partner, connecting media buyers directly with real-time display advertising markets and audiences around the world. The company’s technology integrates Programmatic capabilities for seamless, data-driven campaigns in emerging and developed markets alike. Its sales offices are located in over 13 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.headwaydigital.com or email [email protected].