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adjust Launches First-Ever Universal Reattributions Tool to Reveal Hidden 45% of All Re-engagements

adjust Launches First-Ever Universal Reattributions Tool to Reveal Hidden 45% of All Re-engagements

● Most users stop using a newly installed app after a few days, only 15% of newly acquired users are retained according to adjust Mobile Benchmarks Report

● Other analytics tools ignore nearly half of users re-engaged in an app through mobile marketing campaigns due to its technical complexity

● Universal Reattribution tool reveals previously invisible users that are re-engaged by all marketing channels

BERLIN and SAN FRANCISCO – adjust, the leading business intelligence platform for mobile apps, today launched Universal Reattributions, a new feature that enables marketers to finally close the analytics gap and track 100% of re-engagement campaigns. With Universal Reattribution, app marketers will better understand where and how lost users return to an app and the re-engagement channels that are most effective. Starting today, Universal Reattribution is available to all of adjust’s 1700 clients.

According to adjust’s recent Mobile Benchmark report, most users leave an app within a few days of installing, never to return. Average retention rates in the report indicate that only 15% of users still enter an app after seven days on average. App marketers currently leverage retargeting and re-engagement ad campaigns to bring users back to an app. Only 55% of returning users are tracked and reattributed accurately through other market analytics tools when explicitly marked as a retargeting campaign, leaving 45% of all returning users invisible to tracking. Now available, adjust’s Universal reattribution feature provides the first-ever reattribution technology for mobile apps to capture the 45% of untracked users who re-engage in an app.

“With our Universal Reattribution tool, marketers are now able to get a more complete understanding of the performance of all their marketing channels – from ads to email marketing, web content and more,” says Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder of adjust. “This type of reattribution requires a highly complex and fast technology to be useful and effective for marketers. We match every incoming session with its corresponding incoming click in real-time, whereas our competitors have opted to shortcut tracking by showing only the interactions that explicitly retarget previous users, and ignore other marketing outreach that also contributes to re-engagement. This is why we are the only platform worldwide that is able to conduct reattribution coherently and in mass volume. Universal Reattribution is the result of dedicated, hard work to make our systems faster and stronger.”

With the launch of its Universal Reattribution tool, adjust reveals that the potential for re-engagement generated by non-retargeting ad campaigns has been hidden for a long time. From these findings, not only the relevance of advertising sources will change, but also the dynamics of performance analysis. Previously, re-engagement and user acquisition were two completely different topics and separate efforts, and now, marketers can cohesively understand the effects of their outreach across all users and channels.

For more information on adjust’s Universal Reattribution tool, visit www.adjust.com or contact [email protected].

About adjust

adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the highest quality analytics and attribution solutions for companies worldwide. With adjust’s open source SDK, app developers can track and analyze user acquisition, feature releases, user lifetime cohorts and more. adjust provides streamlined reporting for understandable, actionable and comparable metrics. adjust is a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, and dynamic adjust integrations is in use by over 600 networks and analytics providers worldwide.

Founded in Berlin in 2012, adjust today has global offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney.

adjust is trusted by clients across Asia, the EU and the Americas: including leading apps like Zalando, Rovio and 99Taxis; global brands like Universal Music, Yandex and Sony Music; as well as the world’s largest advertising and media agencies, including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM. adjust supports clients on the ground from each global office, and offers fully localized solutions in multiple languages.

adjust is the only mobile analytics company to meet stringent EU privacy compliance standards, proving that app tracking does not have to be intrusive. adjust is funded by Target Partners, Capnamic Ventures, Iris Capital, ACTIVE Venture Partners and Highland Europe. For more information, visit www.adjust.com.