eBay Celebrates Black Friday by Launching New, Christmas-Themed Shopper Segments

London – eBay Advertising today announced the launch of two new, Christmas-themed shopper segments for more advanced on-site targeting in the run-up to Black Friday and through the Christmas period.

The two audience segments, unveiled today, are ‘Sales Shoppers’ and ‘Premium Shoppers’. Built on behavioural insights, observed from eBay’s 18 million monthly unique users, they allow brands to target bargain-hunters and luxury shoppers respectively, with greater precision than ever before, for better customer experience on site and reduced ad wastage.

Commenting on the launch, Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Commercial Director, eBay Advertising UK said, “With Black Friday sales expected to tip £1 billion in the UK this year, we wanted to help the brands advertising on eBay to tap into this lucrative market whilst also improving relevance for shoppers on site. This time of year attracts many different mind-sets – from bargain hunters to those with lots of cash to splash – and it’s important that brands are tailoring their creative and messaging appropriately.”

Despite being launched in time for Black Friday, eBay Advertising expects these audience segments to be useful throughout the Christmas period and beyond with data highlighting multiple peak points for bargain and luxury shopping on ebay.co.uk throughout the year.

January regularly emerges as the most popular month for luxury brands on ebay.co.uk outside the festive season, with over 15 million searches for luxury items recorded in January 2014 alone, whist one-offs like TV shows, film releases and celebrity endorsement also play their part – for example, searches for Aston Martin and Omega on ebay.co.uk both increased by one third during the week of Skyfall’s cinema release.

Di Lorenzo added, “There are certain flash points in the year when ‘sales’ and ‘luxury’ shopping typically peak – from the January Sales to Valentine’s Day – but it’s useful for brands to be able to identify and accurately target these shopper mind-sets year-round.”

The ‘Sales’ and ‘Premium’ shopper segments are the latest offer to be released from eBay Advertising’s new ‘Advanced Targeting’ range oftargeting tools, which launched last week with the unveiling of a ‘new parents’ range of segments.

According to Di Lorenzo, eBay Advertising plans to roll out a number of other segments and tools over the next 12 months, to bolster its targeting offer in the UK: “eBay’s biggest asset as a publisher is the wealth of behavioural and contextual insights we observe on our 18 million monthly unique users in the UK. With our ‘Advanced Targeting’ product range, we’re going to take the guesswork out of targeting – by looking at search and purchase history we can help brands step away from stereotyping shoppers, and greatly improve their relevance and results.”

eBay Advertising’s ‘Sales Shopper’ and ‘Premium Shopper’ segments are available to UK brands and agencies on request from today.

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