FLUVIP Raises US$2.5M in Capital to Scale Across Latin America and Fund Its Expansion Into the United States

Cisneros Interactive, along with Velum Ventures and other angel investors, are backing the Influencer Marketing company’s multi-national expansion and its venture into the key markets of Brazil and the United States

LONDON – FLUVIP, the leading Influencer Marketing company in Latin America, has secured US$2.5 million to scale across the region, and expand operations into the major markets of Brazil and the United States.

FLUVIP is a technology startup dedicated to connecting brands with top social media influencers across such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat.  In just two years since its founding, the company has fast become a leader in Influencer Marketing in Latin America, boasting a remarkable 90% client-retention rate.

“Digital advertising in the region is fast approaching $4 billion, a figure that is growing at a rapid pace, and social media is an increasingly important component.  Strategically, we will solidify our status in the Latin American countries where we already have a stronghold, providing a solid foundation for our expansion in the coming year into the key markets of Brazil and U.S. Hispanic,” stated FLUVIP CEO & Founder, Sebastian Jasminoy.

FLUVIP identifies social media influencers that best suits a brand’s specific goals, based on the influencer´s audience demographics and actual reach, while offering brands real-time engagement metrics, such as views, shares, likes and interactions, to measure a campaign’s success.

“We see great potential in FLUVIP.  It has a seasoned executive team, led by Sebastian Jasminoy, a measureable platform, and relationships with more than 40,000 influencers in the region,” stated Victor Kong, President of Cisneros Interactive, a major shareholder behind FLUVIP’s expansion, along with Velum Ventures and other angel investors.  “It’s a perfect complement to our investment portfolio in the digital advertising space in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.”

FLUVIP was launched in 2013, after receiving a $50,000 initial investment from Telefónica Open Future when it was selected out of thousands of technology startups that participated in Telefónica’s global acceleration initiative, Wayra.  The company experienced rapid growth due to the success of its campaigns for some of the most influential brands in the region – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sony, Samsung, Unilever, Adidas, Avianca, General Motors, Nestle, DIRECTV, LG, FOX, and Volkswagen – expanding into Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and Argentina.

“We provide brands with a customized service by identifying the best influencer for each of their campaigns.  We then enable influencers to validate their brand experience, while effectively spreading the word through their community of followers.  After a campaign is launched, brands can monitor and optimize its impact through our Big Data Analytics report, delivered in real-time,” Jasminoy explained.  “Simply put: we enable brands to renovate and validate the way they deliver marketing campaigns online, period.”

FLUVIP is technology company, leading Influencer Marketing in Latin America dedicated to connecting brands with top social media influencers across such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat.

Cisneros Interactive is a corporate division of the Cisneros organization that encompasses all its digital initiatives and focuses on digital advertising. It has several companies in this field: RedMas, being its initial investment, is an online advertising business unit with 135 million unique users a month in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market, and Adsmovil, the leading mobile advertising network in the region. Other investments by Cisneros Interactive in digital advertising include Audio.Ad, ITCLICKVIDEO, Coyote Media House, to name a few.

Wayra is Telefónica’s global acceleration initiative, whose main objective is to promote innovation and the detection of new talents in Latin America and Europe in the field of the Internet and New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It supports entrepreneurs in their development, providing them with the technological tools, qualified mentors, a cutting-edge workspace and the funding necessary to accelerate their growth. Wayra is part of Telefónica Open Future, which is the area of Telefónica that, since 2014, gathers all the global initiatives related to open innovation, investment and entrepreneurship of the company.

Velum Ventures is a venture capital fund manager focused on investing in early stage and highly innovative companies in sectors that have a concentrated use of information.  Since 2014, the firm has positioned as one of the most active investors in Latin America through Velum Early Stage Fund I, participating in 13 companies up to date, and promoting innovative and successful businesses in their markets and supporting entrepreneurs in the execution of their expansion plans. The current investors of Velum’s fund are Ruta N, Fomin, Grupo Sura, Bancoldex, Velum Ventures and private investors from Europe.