Gameloft Advertising Solutions Expands its Offerings with a New Native Video Advertising Format: The Buddy Pack

Paris – Gameloft Advertising Solutions announces the release of a new native advertising format: the Buddy Pack. This new format allows for real interaction between the consumer and the brand based on the display of a video advertising message within the game context.

The advertiser delivers sponsored content at key moments in the game:

  • Achievement: The brand rewards the player’s in-game performance.
  • Defeat: The brand provides support so the player can progress in the game.

“We’re thrilled to be adding the Buddy Pack to our offerings, which we have designed as an authentic and special encounter between the advertiser and the consumer,” states Alexandre Tan, Vice President of Advertising & Brand Partnerships at Gameloft Advertising Solutions. “We have worked closely with our development teams to identify the most appropriate moments to display the brand’s message. Our challenge was to provide a high-quality video advertising format while improving the player’s game experience.”

The Buddy Pack is the latest addition to the native advertising formats already offered by Gameloft Advertising Solutions: incentivized videos and sponsored game events. With its expert knowledge in game development, Gameloft Advertising Solutions offers native advertising formats that are seamlessly integrated into game mechanics.

Other formats will be added to Gameloft Advertising Solutions’ offerings in the near future.

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