Playwire Media Campaigns Have Averaged Over 90% Viewability Rates in Partnership with Moat

Campaign average surpasses AVOC benchmarks by more than 2x; delivers enhanced video analytics for real-time campaign optimization

Playwire Media, the largest online representation firm for reaching gaming and entertainment enthusiasts, today announced campaign results from a partnership with Moat, a SaaS analytics company focused on building products for brand advertisers and premium publishers. At a time when viewability is top of mind for advertisers and publishers alike, Playwire campaigns have delivered over 90% average viewability rates and over 70% Audible and Visible on Completion (AVOC) Rates.

“Digital video advertising spend is exploding, and during this time of rapid growth advertisers need to know the impact of those dollars,” said Jonah Goodhart, CEO, Moat. “Viewability is only the starting point—brands require a more sophisticated way to measure consumer attention. Playwire is a great partner and is committed to delivering results that far exceed industry benchmarks, and as such, this partnership will provide advertisers with critical insights in crafting more intelligent campaigns.”

Moat offers over 50 Media Rating Council (MRC) Accredited Metrics, enabling Playwire to deliver advertisers insights that extend beyond viewability to provide a more comprehensive look at viewer attention. Since enabling measurement with Moat, Playwire has delivered In-View Rates of over 90% and Audible and Visible on Completion (AVOC) rates of over 70%—more than two times the industry average. The new partnership will also grow Playwire’s capabilities in identifying real-time inventory and campaign optimizations across their network.

“At Playwire, we are continually evolving our product to address the changing needs of the marketplace,” said Jayson Dubin, CEO, Playwire Media. “With the addition of Moat’s technology to our existing solutions, buyers now have access to the most advanced video analytics, and as a result, can make real-time inventory and campaign optimizations to craft a better story and ultimately see a better return on their video advertising spend.”

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About Moat
Moat is a New York-based SaaS analytics company focused on building products for brand advertisers and premium publishers. Their offerings include Moat Analytics, an attention measurement platform that provides analytics and insights on ad campaigns and website inventory for publishers and advertisers, and Moat Pro, a real-time ad intelligence platform for marketers, publishers, and agencies. Moat is the first company to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its measurement of viewable ad impressions in both online display and video as well as in mobile. The company was founded by Jonah Goodhart, Noah Goodhart and Michael Walrath. The serial entrepreneurs had previously partnered together to launch Right Media, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2007. For more information on Moat, please visit

About Playwire Media
Playwire Media is a full-service digital innovation partner that leverages online advertising and proprietary technologies to build publishing brands in the gaming and entertainment verticals. Ranked by comScore as the largest portal online for reaching gaming and entertainment enthusiasts online, their three publishing brands (GameZone Group, NowPlaying Entertainment, and Kids Club) provide a well-rounded digital entertainment offering for advertisers looking to target their audiences during their online leisure activities.

Playwire Media’s family of digital entertainment websites is one of the largest in the world, comprised of more than 70 industry-leading brands. The exclusive nature of the company’s relationship with their partners allows them to provide highly customized, site-specific, and channel-wide advertising solutions for publishers and marketers alike. The company’s community has over 250 million unique visitors monthly in over 200 countries. Playwire Media is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has business operations and satellite offices around the globe. For more information please visit and on Twitter @playwire.