MonetizeMore Demand: Unified Header Bidding Solution

Victoria, British Columbia – MonetizeMore is currently accepting pioneer users for MonetizeMore Demand, a unified header bidding solution for online publishers.

Instead of implementing each header bidding network one-by-one, MonetizeMore Demand consolidates all header bid networks into one wrapper header code. MonetizeMore Demand will install this solution through the publisher’s Google DoubleClick for Publishers account. All publishers have to do is to implement this into all pages that have display ads.

According to CEO, Kean Graham, “This header bid setup is optimal for publishers because it creates a new tier within the ad inventory between direct sales and remnant inventory. MonetizeMore Demand increases publishers’ overall RPMs by increasing competition within DFP and only serving a header bid network when it pays the highest RPM without passbacks.”

One of the challenges of implementing header bid networks one by one requires expertise and significant developer resources. It takes a lot of time and energy to do. MonetizeMore Demand also includes ad revenue integration with Google Analytics and accurate revenue statistics within Google DoubleClick for Publishers for better yield management.

Because MonetizeMore Demand puts all header bid networks in a single set-up, ads load quickly and ensures 100% fill with no passbacks.

Current pioneer users of MonetizeMore Demand have experienced RPM increases between 25 to 40% even with the same traffic and ads per page.

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About MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore is an ad optimization company that promotes sustainable business practices by partnering with premium ad networks and managing premium publishers’ ad inventory without compromising content and site quality.

For more information, you may contact MonetizeMore CEO Kean Graham at kean[at]monetizemore[dot]com