Retail, Tech and Consumer Packaged Goods were the Leading Outstream Mobile Video Ad Categories in Q4 2015 According to Positive Mobile

Holiday Shopping, CPGs, new automobile launches and app marketing were the leading trends which impacted mobile video advertising in Q4 2015

Tel Aviv, Israel – Retail advertising lead all mobile video advertising in Q4 2015, followed by Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods and Automotive advertising, according to data from outstream native mobile video advertising solution provider Positive Mobile.

Top Mobile Video Advertising Categories in Q4 2015

Category Share
Retail 19%
Technology 18%
Consumer Packaged Goods 16.5%
Automotive 11%
Arts & Entertainment 7%
Financial Services 6%
Cosmetics / Beauty 5%
Utilities 5%
Telecommunications 3%
Health Care 3%
Energy & Environment 1%
Travel 2%
Toys 2%
Government & Politics 1%
Home Supplies .5%


Here’s a link to charts with the Mobile Video Advertising Categories and leading Subcategories:

“As this was Q4, finding Retail and Automotive along with Consumer Packaged Goods and Tech / Apps at the top of the mobile video advertising charts was no surprise,” said Positive Mobile CEO & founder Tzahi Stein. “What surprised us is the relatively low ranking for Travel and particularly Financial Services. For FinTech and Mobile Payments to catch on, we’ll have to see Financial Services advertisers lead in a mobile marketing category like mobile video. And given the growth of digital travel solutions as well as the experiential nature of travel advertising, mobile video is a natural marketing channel for this industry.”

The data presented here is based on outstream mobile video ad campaigns, which unlike pre / mid / post-roll, don’t run during video content. Outstream ads are native like, in-feed video placements which run in-content on mobile websites and in apps.

Breaking down Retail, the leading mobile video advertising category according to Positive Mobile showed Mass Market Retailers (53%) ahead by a country mile, an expected result in the run-up to the holidays. Drug stores (10%) and Fashion (9%) were followed by Greeting Cards (8%) and Food Service (6%).

Breaking down Technology, the #2 category of mobile video advertising according to Positive Mobile found Apps (57%), unsurprisingly, at the top of this category. Rounding out the top-5 were Media (8%), Streaming Devices (8%), Smart Watches (8%), and Tablets (8%).

“In April, when we announce the results from Q1 2016, it will be interesting to see who will replace retailing at the top of the chart, and what kind of an impact the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day will have,” added Positive Mobile CEO & Founder Tzahi Stein. “We might have to wait until Q2 or Q3 to see Political Advertising rise on the charts added by the targeting abilities of mobile video advertising.”

Positive Mobile provides publishers with a full stack outstream mobile video solution based exclusively on proprietary patent-pending technology developed by the company. Through a data-driven technology solution which incorporates real-time impression and audience data, Positive Mobile repurposes mobile display banner placements into video ads optimized on the fly to ensure that publishers benefit from higher eCPMs with premium branding demand. The company’s technology provides advertisers with access to native, in-content HD quality mobile video ads which are fully compliant with all major industry standards including VAST, JS and VPAID. Publishers just place a simple Javascript tag into their ad server. This technology supports in app and the mobile web.

Here’s a link to charts with the Mobile Video Advertising Categories and leading Subcategories:

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