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sovrn Adds Header Complete to Header Bidding Solutions

sovrn Adds Header Complete to Header Bidding Solutions

Publishers can gain value of accessing multiple demand partners and reporting

BOULDER, Colo. – sovrn Holdings, Inc., advocate and partner to independent publishers who represent more than 80,000 websites, is releasing the latest evolution in their suite of header bidding tools: Header Complete. sovrn’s Header Complete gives publishers more options to leverage the power of header bidding to gain more control over their ad inventory through a single partner integration.

sovrn releases more header bidding options for multiple demand sources

Header Complete is an easy-to-implement header bidding solution, including mediation, the ability to use multiple demand sources and performance reporting. Header Complete is the latest addition to sovrn’s Header Suite alongside sovrn’s Header API, Header Adaptor and Header Code solutions.

“Header bidding gives publishers more control, simplicity and the potential for higher yields,” said Tony Casson, Senior Director of Ad Products at sovrn. “With Header Complete, publishers can easily implement header bidding with one partner, using one container, and get the benefit of multiple demand sources for their valuable inventory.”

In addition to accessing multiple demand sources, Header Complete gives publishers reporting across their heading bidding partners for better optimization without having to access multiple partner platforms to run queries.

Publishers interested in sovrn or the Header Suite can learn more at www.headersuite.com or email [email protected].

About sovrn

sovrn believes content creators and publishers are the soul of the Internet. Their content is what makes the Internet great. That’s why we give content creators tools to make money; access to distribution and scale to grow their audience; and a massive data commons for extraordinary insights. At sovrn we don’t just plug into the online advertising ecosystem. We own & operate a proprietary ad technology stack with direct connections to every major buyer in the world. sovrn is headquartered in Boulder, Colo. with offices in Denver and New York. For more information, please visit http://sovrn.com or follow on Twitter @sovrnHoldings.

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