Marketers Optimize Their Advertising Strategy with the New YOUBORA Analytics SmartAds

NICE PEOPLE AT WORK helps ad-driven businesses to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns thanks to its new innovations

BARCELONA, Spain – NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), the technology leader in business intelligence and analytics is introducing SmartAds beta, a new innovation within the YOUBORA Analytics platform. SmartAds is a new tool that allows media distributors to increase the quality and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and control the placement of each ad with real-time key metrics and figures on pre, mid and post-rolls.

#Marketers Optimize their #Advertising Strategy with the new #YOUBORA #Analytics SmartAds

“With the advent of programmatic and real-time bidding, the tools to maximize revenues in the market have risen. The problem we found is the significant mismatch between the Quality of Experience (QoE) in advertising and the QoE in content,” said Alberto Gómez, VP of Product Management at NPAW. “Causing a disruptive experience impacts the audience. With SmartAds we will not only spot the experience mismatch and the audience impact, but we will also provide visibility on the performance of your advertising strategy, regardless if it’s Live or VoD.”

Online advertising has quickly become a critical component of monetization for content providers. Due to the rapidly rising demand for online video, it has become difficult for companies that monetize their service with advertising to get a clear understanding of the overall ad-delivery performance. Several providers place video ads ineffectively weakening their potential monetization. As a result, today’s distributors need an integrated solution to help them drive a successful ad strategy to maximize monetization.

SmartAds, the new YOUBORA Analytics module, addresses this need by providing a comprehensive technology that combines powerful KPIs and metrics to help Broadcasters and media operators to optimize their advertising strategy and maximize ROI with minimal effort. This industry-leading solution collects large volumes of data that allows the creation of meaningfully sized consumer segments to attract marketing budgets. SmartAds allows providers to have a clear insight on their ads and KPIs like join time, buffering or drop-offs to support their strategy in pricing.

Key elements and benefits of the SmartAds include the ability to:

  • Monitor which video advertisements are actually viewed.
  • Evaluate the audience impact of advertising in pre, mid and post-rolls.
  • Choose which ad placements perform better while using A/B testing.
  • Increase outreach by placing video ads effectively.
  • Optimize campaigns and increase ROI.
  • Match the experience of ads and content.

If you want to be a beta test candidate, please contact [email protected]

About NPAW:
NPAW is a big data and business intelligence company serving the online media industry. Using real-time data we help our customers to deliver excellent video experiences. Our platform leads the industry in technologies integrated and devices supported, enabling our customers to make smart business decisions using in-depth and complete data. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with offices in Europe and the U.S.

About YOUBORA Analytics:
YOUBORA Analytics is a powerful centralized analytics and optimization platform for broadcasters and media groups. We provide real-time information on the delivered video experience, with granular data specific to individual end users. Our high-resolution analytics tool helps you monitor and analyze your audience, QoS and engagement, and optimize delivery through our SmartSwitch CDN load balancing module. Metrics taken from YOUBORA Analytics can be applied to make decisions around your content, monitor delivery partners and make decisions around which platforms to invest in or integrate with.

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