NetElixir Launches LXRPlugin, a Smart AdWords Analysis and Reporting Dashboard

Adwords Excel plugin simplifies every aspect of Google AdWords reporting and analysis and provides actionable insights within seconds

PRINCETON, NJ – Search marketing company NetElixir has launched a new AdWords analysis and reporting dashboard called LXRPlugin, which provides actionable insights to help businesses and agencies manage search marketing campaigns and considerable time savings from cumbersome reporting.

LXRPlugin is able to generate the standard Google reports as well as over 20 analytics reports that provide actionable insights to users, which detail steps to enhance campaign performance. Examples of these types of reports include:

–       Device Level Search Analysis

–       Hourly search query and purchase pattern analysis

–       Geo-level customer distribution analysis

“Our use of this Excel plugin has helped us to find and make changes quickly, saving us large chunks of time that we normally devote to creating and analyzing reports as well as budget that we typically allocate to analysts for gaining insights from our search marketing data. The monetary savings has amounted to roughly $2K per month,” said Stephen Light, director of e-commerce & marketing at e-retailer Rug Studio. “LXRPlugin, with its ease of use, low cost and in-depth reporting, has been a huge asset for us.”

The system pulls data directly from Google AdWords into Excel, reviews and analyzes the performance of Google AdWords campaigns in real-time and generates over 35 reports, including custom weekly and monthly reports and those with graphical representations to help better visualize data. LXRPlugin can manage multiple Google AdWords accounts.

LXRPlugin is the newest offering from NetElixir’s LXRMarketplace, an online hub for free or low cost search marketing tools that are designed for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, who require affordable search marketing expertise and solutions.

“One of our main objectives at NetElixir is to help break the barriers that exist between companies with large digital marketing budgets and the average small business owner who can’t spend a lot, but still needs access to digital marketing to grow the business,” said Udayan Bose, CEO of NetElixir. “LXRPlugin is a great tool for both small companies and agencies looking to save time and money on managing their own or client search marketing campaigns. We designed LXRPlugin in-house to save us time with our campaigns and found it to be a huge productivity booster. Given our company philosophy, we wanted to share our success with others and make this tool available publicly.”

About NetElixir

NetElixir is a rapidly growing global search engine marketing agency committed to humanizing every click and helping businesses succeed online. Its analytical team of industry experts, technology builders and business strategists drive exceptional results and uncover actionable customer insights through a combination of proprietary technology, strategic growth models and expert campaign management services. The company’s LXRMarketplace hub is a destination for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in need of free of low cost search engine marketing tools. NetElixir is based in Princeton, NJ with auxiliary offices in London and Hyderabad, India. For more information, please