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Amnet and ADARA Launch Premium Programmatic Targeting Partnership

Amnet and ADARA Launch Premium Programmatic Targeting Partnership

Dentsu Aegis Media’s programmatic division to leverage the power of ADARA’s integrated marketing solution

Amnet Global, Dentsu Aegis Media’s programmatic media experts and practitioners, has signed a global deal with ADARA, the leader in transforming marketing with targeted travel data & insights. The launch marks the first agency partnership for ADARA’s Magellan self-service platform.

Amnet will deploy ADARA’s Magellan platform as part of its programmatic media technology practice, gaining the ability to leverage the power of ADARA’s proprietary, first party travel data, targeting and programmatic media buying capabilities. The deal will see the partnership create value and innovative solutions for Amnet’s elite client base, including brands such as iRobot, Burberry, Microsoft and Visit Britain.

Magellan empowers agencies and brands to leverage ADARA’s proprietary portfolio of travel data to create a new level of data-driven marketing communications and strategic insight. Secured through partnerships with more than 90 of the world’s leading travel brands, transactional data can be used in conjunction with ADARA’s full-stack capabilities to build campaigns and actionable insights for brands across all sectors.

Amnet’s deal with ADARA comes as programmatic digital advertising moves into a more advanced phase. The traditional reliance on widely available third party data has diluted the power of data-driven marketing. To counter this, brands and agencies are looking for new ways to access superior data solutions which enable them to make accurate and impactful buying decisions. ADARA’s Magellan platform offers differentiation and innovation through applying quality travel data to address all types of marketers needs.

Curtis Nishijima, Chief Operating Officer at Amnet Global said: “Platforms which enable us to leverage high-quality data are vital to our developing eco-system and help to maximise the potential of programmatic buying solutions for our clients. ADARA’s Magellan platform uses a unique portfolio of search, loyalty and transactional travel data which provide actionable insights and help drive bigger marketing decisions across the entire media plan. This is incredibly valuable not only for travel clients but it also unlocks new potential for non-endemic categories such as Tech, Luxury, Retail, FMCG and Financial Services thanks to its ability to indicate consumer demographics, spending habits and behaviours.”

Elizabeth Harz, President of Media, ADARA, said: “Amnet’s data-driven, audience-centric focus provides their clients with a leading edge and embraces the power of unique, quality data sets to help better understand and engage critical prospects and customers.  Our alliance delivers powerful data, technology and analytics capabilities for Amnet to drive meaningful business outcomes for both their travel and non-travel brands.”


ADARA leverages global proprietary travel data to deliver increased business performance through its innovative platform, and exceptional team. ADARA’s Magellan platform transforms loyalty, search and booking data into actionable insight allowing companies to better understand, reach and engage customers. Magellan is fuelled by first-party data from over 90 global travel brands, including United, Delta, Hyatt, Marriott and Hertz. Founded in 2009, ADARA currently has 19 offices across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, including its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

About Amnet

Amnet’s mission is to build and leverage data in order to deliver more meaningful and personalized messaging insights and demonstrated performance. Our expert and agile team of technology agnostic specialist operators focus on delivering data-driven, audience-centric and industry leading insights which enrich the personalised relationships between brands and their customers.  We are highly motivated and entrepreneurial-in-spirit problem solvers who work hard to drive results for our clients.  Amnet is live across 35 countries, in 45 worldwide offices, with over 700+ in our global organisation.