iAdvize Unveils New Brand Positioning as The Conversational Commerce Platform

The leading real-time customer engagement solution in Europe reveals new positioning as conversational commerce platform, demonstrating its understanding of the significant shift in communication norms between customers and brands.

iAdvize, the Conversational Commerce Platform

The way we communicate with brands has changed. Instant, two-way conversations have replaced a top-down style of communication and have become a key element of the customer journey. With this new positioning, iAdvize shows that it is taking this significant shift on board.

Created in 2010, iAdvize’s raison d’être is to anchor human conversations at the heart of online shopping. At the beginning, iAdvize was a chat tool and gradually, it has become a multichannel platform from which brands can manage online interactions, whilst confirming its strong expertise in real-time engagement and behavioural targeting. Today, iAdvize is a conversational commerce platform that enables brands to detect conversation opportunities on all touchpoints whether managed by the brands (website, mobile site, application) or third party (social media networks, messaging applications).

Julien Hervouët, iAdvize CEO, explains “More than 2 billion people now use a messaging application. This revolution reveals two things: we are always looking for the most conversational experience and this experience is now possible and available to all. By becoming a platform, iAdvize makes it possible for brands to manage all contact opportunities.”

Empowering businesses and their customers with worthwhile conversations

In January 2015, iAdvize launched its community chat tool, a chat channel for brand communities that enables website visitors to receive real-time advice from other visitors. Since the acquisition of the Bringr technology in May 2015, iAdvize enables businesses to identify and engage with customers and prospects on social media, thus integrating social customer service within the platform.

Today, businesses are faced with a major challenge: ubiquity. Customers expect to be able to interact with brands everywhere, all the time and in real-time. Thanks to iAdvize, companies can now meet these expectations: engage and advise customers and prospects via any contact channel and at any time, all from one solution.

With this platform, businesses can detect opportunities and engage with the right contacts. Beyond the technical integration of different touchpoints, iAdvize enables brands to connect their customers and prospects with the most suited person, a professional customer service agent or an advocate, member of the brand community.

Alongside this new positioning, iAdvize has also revamped its graphic identity with a new logo. The elements are available within the style guide.

About iAdvize

iAdvize (www.iadvize.com) is a conversational commerce platform that enables businesses to engage their customers and prospects whether they’re on the website or on social media from one messaging solution (chat, voice, video). By adding a human touch to online customer service, iAdvize increases customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and boosts business performance. Visitors can get real-time advice from customer service but also from advocates, members of the brand community.

More than 2,500 websites worldwide use iAdvize in a variety of sectors. Clients include House of Fraser, Air France, MatchesFasion, Europcar, BMW, Lacoste, Tui and Interflora.