Stirista Display Ads to Serve to Mobile Phones

SAN ANTONIO – Stirista’s display ads are optimized to reach mobile viewers. The data-based digital advertising firm has added mobile optimization to its suite of display advertising services. With more and more users reached via their mobile devices, Stirista is taking their clients campaigns to new heights.

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Using Stirista’s proprietary b2b and b2c databases their clients are customizing their target audiences by choosing from over 360 demographic filters. Their marketing experts then take that audience and further customize campaigns based on the marketing channels best suited for them.

No matter which channel they choose, email, social media or display advertising, Stirista is optimizing campaigns to capture those mobile moments when their target audience is paying attention.

Stirista’s CEO Ajay Gupta stated, “What we find is that more and more campaigns have a propensity for mobile viewing, and we’re optimizing our strategies to make the most out of those opportunities.”

You can find your target audience, no matter which platform they’re on, and Stirista can serve ads to them across multiple devices, adjusting campaigns towards mobile. With fully managed display advertising services, Stirista’s clients don’t have to worry about the digital trends of the industry.

Digital Services Manager, Blaine Britten explained, “It’s really the data that makes the difference. We can take a specific audience and serve them ads across multiple platforms and devices, even for mobile, that’s true multi-channel marketing.”

Customizable campaigns are available for budgets from the thousands to millions and are perfect for those who want campaigns executed by experts. Stirista is making it easier than ever to locate new prospects and to reach them, increasing business.

For more information on how to mobily optimize or customize a campaign please visit or call them at 1.866.321.8505.