Sekindo’s Digital Advertising Platform Tackles All Media, Making It a Complete Ad Tech Solution for Publishers and Advertisers Alike

Tel Aviv – Sekindo is a digital platform for online video, display, and mobile advertising. As a proprietary platform, Sekindo helps publishers monetize any type of digital inventory. In addition, as a part of Universal McCann, Sekindo owns premium demand on the one hand and the most cost effective, largest reach in more than 500 direct publisher relationships on the other hand.

Sekindo has developed its own network technology for web and mobile, as well as an advanced algorithm, thus creating a solid technological infrastructure that serves all platforms across web, mobile, and video. Ultimately, this allows publishers to place advertisements on all digital inventory, regardless of size or platform. In addition, the ad-serving technology and yield optimization delivers outstanding results for web and mobile clients.

Sekindo is also a complete solution for programmatic advertising, with SSP (supply side platform) and header-bidding abilities (part of prebid.js).

The most complicated issue standing between companies and advertising their product is finding a publishing platform. Imagine, for example, you have made a video advertising your product, yet you have to figure out not only where to get it seen, but the sizing of the video, and other issues. With Sekindo, videos are not only automatically fitted for both mobile and online formats, but are matched to be different types of video formats, whether pre-roll or banners.

Sekindo has also recently expanded to a new office in New York with key hires totalling the employee count to over 60. This overall demonstrates the prevailing influence of the company in the AdTech field. The opening of a New York office not only strengthens Sekindo’s established status as a major player in the United States industry, but it also provides Sekindo with a better stage to provide its customers.

“The opening of a New York office is a transformative moment for our company,” said Oren Berdichevsky, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sekindo. “Having an office within the United States will not only solidify our status in the AdTech industry, but will give us the platform to put our clients first in every aspect.”

About Sekindo

Sekindo is a technologically advanced digital platform for online display, video, and mobile advertising. With our proprietary technology, we bring high quality traffic in the most transparent way to deliver the best monetization and results possible. Part of the Universal McCann family, Sekindo has access to all UM resources. Sekindo was established in 2007 by three programming entrepreneurs, Rotem Shaul, Eyal Betzalel, and Oren Berdichevsky, who had a vision to automate the digital landscape. In 2012, Sekindo joined the Universal McCann family and have grown substantially since.