Local Programmatic Platform, Simpli.fi, Grows Mobile Deliveries to More Than Half of Its Total

Mobile growth driven by strength of GPS-targeted local advertising solutions designed for multi-location national brands, trade desks, digital agencies and local media companies

FORT WORTH, Texas – Simpli.fi, the company that brings the power of programmatic advertising to localized campaigns, for the first time this July delivered more than 50 percent of its impressions on mobile devices. While Simpli.fi’s delivery to desktops has grown 37 percent over the last year, its delivery to mobile devices has grown 150 percent in the same time period and now accounts for more than half of its total. Overall, Simpli.fi’s revenues are up 59 percent year-to-date through July, and its platform runs more than 43,000 programmatic campaigns each month.

.@simpli_fi now delivers more than 50% of its ad impressions on mobile devices #localizedprogrammatic #adtechleader

“July marks Simpli.fi’s emergence as a mobile-first company,” stated Frost Prioleau, CEO of Simpli.fi. “I’m very proud of our team for building out a best-in-class mobile offering that extends the benefits of our unstructured-data approach to mobile advertising. We remain focused on delivering the best local programmatic advertising platform, for both our channel partners and multi-location national brands who want to gain from the benefits of localizing their campaigns. Our mobile offering has been a great addition.”

Simpli.fi’s volume of campaigns and expertise across desktop, mobile, video, and social media types make the company’s platform an ideal choice for advertisers looking to:

  • Execute omni-channel campaigns. Because Simpli.fi is at scale in multiple programmatic formats, advertisers’ campaigns can be optimized to the best performing impressions across channels;
  • Leverage learnings and consolidate reporting across channels. By running multiple formats at scale on one platform, learnings from various tactics and formats can be implemented to drive performance on other tactics;
  • Simplify workflow. Instead of working with multiple platforms to traffic mobile, desktop, video, and social campaigns, sophisticated users can integrate with Simpli.fi’s single API or user-friendly interface to execute campaigns across all formats.

The growth of Simpli.fi’s mobile business has been driven by the rapid adoption of the company’s Geo-Fencing targeting solutions, which use GPS data to target ads to users based on their current and/or recent locations. Simpli.fi’s solution leverages the company’s deep programmatic expertise, and enables local-focused advertisers, including multi-location national brands, to target more precisely and at greater scale compared to other solutions on the market. Additionally, Simpli.fi’s “conversion zone” capability helps advertisers track the number of users who, after viewing an advertisement, subsequently visit their physical locations such as stores, dealerships, restaurants, events or more.

About Simpli.fi

Simpli.fi is the leader in localized programmatic advertising solutions. Local media groups, multi-location brands, trade desks and local-focused networks leverage Simpli.fi’s ability to customize audiences to local needs, and to deliver superior performance on high volumes of localized campaigns across mobile, desktop, video, and social formats. For more information about the company or partnership opportunities, email [email protected], call (800) 840-0768 or visit www.simpli.fi.

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