Kantar Unveils the World’s Most Advanced Hybrid Model in Norway to Deliver Total TV & Video Currency

Kantar appointed to deliver Total TV & Video Rating from 2018

London & Oslo – The Norwegian TV audience measurement steering committee has awarded Kantar the new contract for the provision of TV Ratings. The service will run for five years initially from 2018, with the option to extend until 2028.

From 2018 the TV currency in Norway will measure all TV and Video content wherever it’s consumed in what will be the most advanced hybrid model for TV and video measurement yet seen in the world.

The new service will comprise of two panels. Kantar Media[i] will apply their increasingly sophisticated mathematical algorithms to fuse the two panels in the early hours each morning to report a single data set as the Norwegian TV currency moves to a “Total TV and Video rating” (TVOV)

The first panel, a single source representative panel of 3,000 individuals will measure:

  • Viewing on the TV set whether live, time-shift or on-demand (Core TV). Using Kantar Media’s PeopleMeter technology the service will use their best-in-class watermarking technology alongside their audio matching technology to enhance content detection of 150 channels.
  • All TV and video content that is streamed or accessed over the internet through tablets, smartphones, PC’s and connected devices (Extended TV). Kantar Media’s secure home router meter combined with Kantar’s on-device internet measurement technology, will passively measure all viewing both in and out of the home.  Kantar will calibrate panel data with the online census data for both programmes and commercials to deliver granular audience data of the highest quality.

The panel of 3,000 individuals (10-79 years) will be supplemented with a further 300 children aged 2-9 years.

The second panel will measure all TV and video content consumed out of home (OOH). It will report based on a representative sample of 1,500 individuals aged 10+ and use Kantar Media’s watermarking technology for content detection with MediaMetrie’s Rate On Air device, a portable meter carried by panellists which measures their individual viewing outside the home. Kantar has been measuring out of home viewing in Norway since July 2014 and the new technology being deployed will deliver ever greater accuracy as well as measurement of new platforms.

The steering committee members include the following broadcasters NRK, TV 2 AS, MTG AS and Discovery Networks Norway. The announcement follows a competitive direct pitch with Ipsos. The new service will continue to be delivered by Kantar’s TNS Gallup team.

John Richard Hewitt, Head of Research at TV 2 and head of the steering committee, stated: “TNS Gallup have been delivering high quality TV ratings to Norway since the turn of the century. Norwegians like to consume TV and video content anywhere and anytime. With approx. 30% of the population owning a second home and ownership of tablets have grown from 7% to 68% and smart phone devices have grown from 46% to 88% in the last five years, it is critical that broadcasters are making informed decisions using the most accurate, holistic TV currency data. Equally important is facilitating holistic media buying decisions at advertisers and agencies. TNS Gallup presented an innovative technically sound proposal building on their many years of measuring TV in Norway. We are confident that, as our partner of choice, TNS Gallup, will maintain the highest possible standards whilst delivering a TVOV for Norway.”

Richard Asquith, Global CEO of Audience Intelligence at Kantar Media “In recent years commentators in the US and elsewhere have lauded Norway as being at the forefront of TV measurement. We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with the Norwegian TV industry, breaking new ground with our award-winning techniques and hybrid models.  We are proud to be entrusted to build and deliver the most advanced hybrid model to date as we transition from Television to Total Video measurement.”

Kantar Media conducts TV measurement services in over 55 markets worldwide. This latest announcement follows renewals and new contracts secured in Denmark, Netherlands, Thailand, Romania and Israel.

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[i] In Norway Kantar Media trades as TNS Gallup.