Unacast & JUICE Mobile Partner to Provide Beacon and Proximity Data at Scale to Advertisers

Proximity data lets advertisers look at consumer’s physical world identity for retargeting and attribution with accuracy and granularity

NEW YORK – Unacast, the world’s largest network of beacon and proximity data, connecting the physical world to the digital for online retargeting and attribution, announced its partnership with JUICE Mobile, the premium mobile advertising and technology firm, in which JUICE Mobile will license Unacast’s unique beacon and proximity data for retargeting and attribution at scale to advertisers.

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Unacast’s network of over 65 proximity solution providers aggregates accurate and detailed data about where people spend their lives in the physical world—from what stores they visit to the aisles they spend the most time, to the products they are standing by. This data is vastly more accurate than GPS data, which is what the industry has typically relied on.

Unacast CRO, Chris Cunningham states, “JUICE Mobile has built one of the most forward leaning DSPs when it comes to proximity data. We are excited to partner with a company that understands the value and importance beacon and proximity data will have on its client’s businesses.”

Advertisers who work with JUICE Mobile can now add a whole new level of personalization, timeliness and effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns as Unacast’s data mirrors the accuracy of data collection in the online world to the offline world, and in effect provides an understanding of a customer’s physical world identity.

Paul Brousseau, President JUICE Mobile, says “JUICE is proud to have launched the first ever beacon biddable platform, Swarm. Unacast is the only company providing beacon data at scale, and in partnering with them, we bring last mile of attribution technology into a real-time buying platform. Effective immediately, we can help brands reach their target consumers and measure true effectiveness for their campaigns.”

“Mobile is a cornerstone for marketers today, and location is one of the most valuable signals we can get on consumer behavior,” explains Mark Power, Managing Director, ansible North America, “We see access to datasets, like beacons, as a natural evolution and extension to geo-fences and other location tactics. We are excited to see companies like JUICE and Unacast come together to provide unique solutions to the market, and help identify and solve gaps in marketing ad tech solutions.”

Marketers that already have beacons deployed in retail locations, will be able to leverage data beyond the confines of the store by retargeting their own customers on JUICE Mobile’s Swarm platform. Supporting the broader trend of data-based audience buying, JUICE Mobile is pushing the quality and accuracy of simple location signals to deterministic, real-world engagement with beacon technology.

About Unacast

With over 2 million beacons and over 65 partners, Unacast is the world’s largest network of beacon and proximity companies, connecting the physical world to the digital world. Through the Unacast PROX network, Unacast enables a scalable global solution for retailers and brands to use beacon and proximity data for online retargeting and attribution. Thomas Walle and co-founder Kjartan Slette, were part of the founding team behind TIDAL, the music streaming company sold to Jay Z.

Unacast is the backend of proximity that aggregates and provides a unified platform for the proximity and advertising industry, solving the fragmentation problem to the benefit of both the supply and demand side. Unacast is the first company to enable a scalable way for retailers and brands to retarget customers online based on accurate behavior in the physical space.

About JUICE Mobile

JUICE Mobile is a premium, full-service mobile advertising technology and attribution firm, concentrated on tackling emerging industry challenges. Since its inception in 2010, JUICE Mobile has focused on providing innovative mobile solutions and cutting edge tools for advertisers. With its trailblazing Nectar® product, JUICE Mobile has paved the way for the next era of mobile advertising with the industry’s first mobile futures marketplace, as well as a premium, guaranteed direct solution. Combined with mobile-first, award-winning Creative Services and innovative technology expertise, JUICE Mobile delivers solutions that drive customer results forward. For more information on JUICE Mobile’s suite of innovative products and solutions, please visit http://www.juicemobile.com