Golley Slater Chooses Woobi to Lead Agency’s In-Game Ad Strategy

Advertising, media and PR agency, Golley Slater, is getting ahead of the game, by integrating in-game advertising as part of its core media strategy and working with a leading in-game adtech firm.

Woobi, which has offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv, has joined forces with the UK based marketing agency, Golley Slater, to help develop the agency’s gaming media strategy for its media clients, which include brands such as Hammersmith College London, the Welsh Government and Flybe.

Golley Slater is a leading full-service marketing agency with offices across the UK, specialising in advertising, direct and digital, PR, media, branding, social media, recruitment and contact management.

William Meredith, head of media at Golley Slater said: “As an agency which prides itself on being ahead of the curve, we’ve been reacting to the growth of the mobile games industry and now include in-game advertising in the majority of our client media plans.

“We’ve chosen Woobi to establish a strategy that can be scaled up or down for each client’s individual campaign goals, performance KPIs and target audiences, and have already seen some great results.

“Given the nature of this engaging media channel, coupled with Woobi’s expert planning, targeting and optimisation efforts, in-game campaigns are yielding extraordinary results in both user attention and engagement.

“For example in our recent campaign with Hammersmith College London, 74% of users watched the entire video ad, and we saw a 16% click through rate, which, compared to the industry benchmark of 5-10%, is really impressive.”

Woobi’s recent nomination as one of the four finalists for Best Video Distribution Platform at the Digiday Video Awards, encompasses the exceptional results achieved with Golley Slater on the Hammersmith University campaign.

Gaming has seen a massive transformation in recent years. Previously considered as a niche activity for teenagers, it has now evolved into mainstream entertainment.

Research now shows that adult women represent a greater proportion of the video game player population, surpassing boys aged 17 or younger. There are nearly 2 billion gamers worldwide, and over 3 billion hours a week are spent gaming (twice the time spent streaming on Youtube, and three times that of Netflix for instance). By the end of this year, more than 80% of US smartphone users will game on their devices, while 49% of these users are aged 18-49, and the other half evenly distributed between 18 & under, and senior citizens.

In-game advertising provides a one-of-a-kind channel for brand advertisers who are looking for new and engaging ways to reach their target audience. Regardless of who your target audience is, they are probably playing games,” says Chaya Soggot, Woobi CEO.

User attention during gameplay is second to none. Working with Golley Slater, we are now able to address different campaign goals, KPI’s, target audiences and specific campaign requirements, and provide a fresh brand exposure within top-tier games.

“Using first party data and third party data vendors, advertisers can benefit from lower funnel targeting, on a vast global scale.”

For further information, please contact PR@Woobi.com

About Woobi

Woobi creates user engagement opportunities through in-game advertising. Our award winning technology allows advertisers to engage with players by reacting to significant moments during gameplay, and become a part of the gaming experience. By being RTB complaint, Woobi have removed the barrier of entry for brand advertisers, making unique ad unit available for advertisers to buy through their existing campaign management platform.

About Golley Slater

Golley Slater Wales is award-winning communications consultancy, specialising in PR, advertising, design, digital and media at their offices in Cardiff, London and Leeds.