Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ Partner to Bridge Real Time Transaction Data with Location Data for Brand Advertisers

Real Sales Insights Plus Advanced Location Data Gives Complete View of Customer Shopping Journey

NEW YORK – Commerce Signals, the leader in connecting advertisers and publishers to aggregate insights from transaction data, announced a partnership with PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices.

@CommerceSignals + @PlaceIQ partner to bridge real time transaction data with location data for brand advertisers

With the combination of Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ, brand advertisers will be able to understand the impact of their advertising on store foot traffic and actual sales within days of when a campaign airs. databridge™, Commerce Signals’ secure platform for the exchange of purchase insights, allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to obtain insights in near real time to optimize digital media tactics and measure the incremental sales driven by their advertising. PlaceIQ brings best-in-class location data sourced from billions of daily location-enabled device movements. In combination, this data gives a deeper level of understanding of the entire purchase journey.

“Making the connection between advertising that results in store visitation is an important step for brands,” said Nadya Kohl, EVP of business development, PlaceIQ. “With location data, brands can understand the steps that led to a visit, which provides insights into audience affinities that they can use for future media planning. By harnessing Commerce Signals databridge, marketers can end-cap their understanding of the consumer journey with near real-time transaction data, offering nimble marketing optimization and insight opportunities that have never existed before. Coupling real transaction insights from databridge with PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate (PVR®) enables brands to measure the effect of media decisions during the critical moments of the consumer purchase journey.”

“Measuring the actual sales impact of advertising typically takes weeks or months, delivering useful insights too late to adjust the current campaign. Getting the insights within 72 hours allows for meaningful changes, in near real-time,” said Adam Paulisick, CPO, Commerce Signals. “Now, with an understanding of sales impact and the consumers’ purchase journey, a retailer can adjust a holiday campaign while consumers are still out shopping for and thinking about making purchases for that holiday.”

With Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ, not only is it possible to understand which tactics are driving the most sales for the lowest cost and the actual incremental sales driven by a campaign, but also to interpret consumer audience affinities across categories. Advertisers in the specialty retailer, hospitality, travel and restaurant industries can get a holistic picture of the shopping journey, and deliver the right advertising at the right time based on this insight.

To learn more about how transaction data and location data create a complete view of the consumer shopping journey, join us for a webinar on Tuesday, December 13th at 11:00 am EST.

About Commerce Signals

Commerce Signals connects advertisers and publishers directly with near-real-time insights from transaction data. The company’s platform, databridge delivers value beyond the payment transaction, while giving owners of data control of the use and price. Advertisers, agencies and publishers focused on the retail, restaurants, casual dining, hospitality, travel or entertainment industries can use insights derived from the data to optimize media tactics and measure the incremental cross-channel sales driven by their advertising. For more information, please visit

About PlaceIQ

For brands seeking to understand consumer behavior, PlaceIQ connects physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices to uncover opportunities to learn and connect with audiences. PlaceIQ is a powerful, location-based audience and insights platform that organizes a wide variety of consumer activity data around a targeted precise location base map at massive scale. PlaceIQ uses its detailed understanding of location and consumer activity to reach a targeted audience, and also to derive powerful insights about consumer behavior to inform market and business strategies for national brands. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Palo Alto, Chicago, and Detroit. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @PlaceIQ and like us on Facebook: PlaceIQ.