DataXu Expands Adoption of nToggle to Increase Global Reach

nToggle Multiplies DataXu’s Scale by Increasing Capacity to Find the Best Ad Opportunities for Dynamic Demand and Drive Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS)

BOSTON – nToggle announced that DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing and analytics software, has expanded its use of nToggle’s programmatic traffic optimization platform four-fold after rigorous testing by the DataXu Data Science Team. nToggle amplifies DataXu’s ability to reach consumers worldwide and zero-in on the best ad opportunities to drive ROAS for advertisers.

@DataXu Expands Adoption of @nToggle to Increase Global Reach

An overwhelming programmatic traffic wave has been building with the rise of header bidding coupled with emerging media formats, global technology adoption and organic growth. Rather than continuing to invest in commodity infrastructure to process traffic, DataXu partnered with nToggle for smarter traffic optimization across several exchanges. By working with nToggle, DataXu has successfully improved the efficiency of its existing infrastructure, as evidenced by bid rate lifts of up to 117% and an ROI of 60%.

nToggle’s machine learning platform pre-screens traffic from leading exchanges, enabling DataXu to cast a wider net for advertisers. DataXu provides the demand signal and nToggle responds by matching the best ad opportunities to drive ROAS. The result has been a significant increase in the effectiveness of DataXu’s pre-existing infrastructure investments.

Each programmatic ad opportunity that passes through nToggle is evaluated in real-time for millions of attribute combinations that match DataXu’s unique demand. nToggle’s machine learning reacts to changes in demand patterns, ensuring that DataXu is always receiving the ideal mix of traffic for its clients’ campaigns.

“nToggle allows DataXu to better manage CAPEX while simultaneously expanding our traffic evaluation capabilities,” said Bill Simmons, co-founder, Chief Technology Officer & EVP of Product Development at DataXu. “In addition to increasing QPS and bid rates, nToggle enables DataXu to focus our energy on building differentiated capabilities.”

DataXu’s decision to leverage nToggle more extensively demonstrates how even the most hyper-efficient infrastructures gain valuable advantages when nToggle evaluates the ever-expanding universe of programmatic traffic. nToggle delivers a highly curated and concentrated stream of traffic that significantly enhances DataXu’s industry-leading programmatic marketing and analytics.

“nToggle is thrilled to be working with DataXu, a global leader, as its increased adoption of our traffic optimization service affirms our mission and strategy,” said nToggle co-founder and CEO Adam Soroca. He continued “Our mission is to help our customers grow more profitably and return their capital to innovation that drives better outcomes for advertisers.”

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